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Warzone 2 may receive a interrogation function in the style of Rainbow Six Siege

Warzone 2-leaves come dense and fast every minute, and the latest gives Battle Royale fans a foretaste of the new mechanics and functions that are under development for the continued continuation. A new report by Tom Henderson over over the Eexper confirms the information nerocino shared by Youtuber at the beginning of this week and also adds some additional insights into five functions that should appear in Warzone 2. The most fascinating feature is an interrogation mechanism with which you can interact with a depressed enemy for a certain period of time to unveil the locations of your teammates on the menu. Assuming that the interrogation would not be a separate action as the regular finishing moves that we are currently seeing in Warzone, this would offer an actual advantage for the execution of finishers-apart from the fact that they naturally only humiliate their opponent. Henderson compares this with a similar feature in Rainbow Six Siege, where the operator Caveira can locali

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