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Discover Marc Laidlaw's Explanation of the Shared Universe Between Half-Life and Portal

The author behind the Half-Life collection, Marc Laid law, has disclosed some information about why the franchise went across over with Site. Laid law had not been incredibly delighted with the idea of connecting Site as well as Half-Life, keeping in mind that Portal required art and Valve finished up attracting upon something that was Combine-y. Half-Life is a franchise that has all kinds of loose ends and Laid law famously leaked the tale of Half-Life 3 several years ago after it ended up being clear it would never ever see the light of day. The writer behind the Half-Life series, Marc Laid law, has exposed some details concerning why the franchise business went across over with Portal. Half-Life is just one of the most precious pc gaming franchises out there. It's known for some innovative and unbelievably cutting-edge gameplay with an incredibly initial, psychedelic tale that goes all throughout space and time. It's an interesting collection... and also it has practically

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