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Is Clash Royale too addictive? A streamer talks about it after 12 hours uninterrupted playing

While Clash Royale is returning strongly with many streamers, there are also new people who have given a chance to the game of supercell. It is the Murdoch case , a French streamer who embarked on the adventure of Supercell. However, the journey of him in the sands populated by Peaks and Barbarians would have been short-lived. Just twelve hours after starting in Clash Royale, Murdoch confesses to have uninstalled the game of his phone, the reason? Entire the most deceptive addiction mechanics that he has seen in all his life , as well as the fact of crowded with racists in game . The adventure of Murdoch Clash Royale started in the best way. By injecting the medic sum of 5 euros into the game, the creators begin their rise in the ladder of Cups, asking for advice on their social networks about the relevance of their deck. After only 12 hours of play, Murdoch reached the 2000 trophies mark, which is an excellent performance for someone who has never touched the game until now.

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