Genshin Impact: Shadow in the snowstorm & born in the snow

Rejoice, fans of the action-rich and magical genuine impact, because version 2.3 is there and that also means that there is not only new banners, but also the new action shadows in the blizzard. In the guide to Genshin Impact we tell you everything about Prison's action in the alchemy laboratory of Ronstadt!

Shadow in the blizzard — start and requirements

The action shade in the snowstorm starts on November 25, 2021, at 10:00 clock and ends on December 13, 2021, at 03:59. The promotional dealer is still available until December 20, 2021, at 03:59.

You can participate in shadows in the snowstorm if you reach at least adventure level 20 and completed the architecture order for a morning without tears. That's why your Albedo's legend order Observation Report of the Traveler and Joel's order lost in the snow have to do. Attention: For Albedo's legend order, you also have to reach adventure level 20. But you do not use a legend key for the activation. The action Shadow in the snowstorm is divided into the three parts born in the snow, special training on the dragon ridge and mysterious challenge.

Special training on the dragon size — what to do?

As part of these tasks, there are different types of challenges that were on you, namely skill training (four routes), track training (eight units) and combat training (eight challenges).

For the skill training you have to follow a staked route and collect adventure badges and conquest badges. The total score for the task depends on how much time you needed for the route and how many badges have bolted to it. On the track you will also find buffs like wind sponsors and iron buildings (with whom your ice columns break), which help you with quick succeed. For the completion of the stretches of smell of smell of smell of gravity, virgin, snow making badge, mystical reinforcing ore and Morey — the snow mail signs are exchanged in the promotional dealer.

Version 2.3 When tracking, your ice crystal cape must be found and melted in the training area. You will also find components for chubby snowmen. For the conclusion of the challenge there are veteran, snow making badges, a snowman component and Morey.

The combat training deals with bait apparatus in two different states: refrigeration source and heat source. These apparatus influence your characters; Fresh faster (refrigeration source) or lift the stack of bitter cold on (heat source). Around the baits are still placed three devices that can be switched on when their deep-red quartz. He can be found near the baits. By activating the baits then heat sources are generated, and opponent waves are attacked. Defeat all the opponents, then also waving veteran, snow making signs, a snowman component and Morey.

Chubby snowmen — where the components?

About Special Training on the Drachenbang will receive snowman component, i.e. snowman head, snowman hands, snowman hat, snowman eyes, snowman nose and snowman scarf. You can also send to friends or receive them.

These components you can use in the camp to make the chubby snowmen. First, you configure the snowman head first and then puts the button ice figure together. Do not forget to save the chubby snowman. How to build a snowman! Source: Photo you have built the required amount, then you exclude the order born in the snow and will be rewarded with the following items:

Virgin Tin's spindle (the new 4-star weapon) Snowman hull in three versions Morey

Mysterious challenge with shadow of uncertainty

If you shut down the 2nd act with shadow of uncertainty during the action shadows in the blizzard, then your mysterious challenge free. For the conclusion, her secret coat of arms, a hero wisdom and Morey.

Offer of the promotional dealer

As you have experienced, you earn over the tasks of special training on the Dragon Grass Schniehlenbag. You can trade in the promotional dealer against alkanes, material for climbing weapons, a hero wisdom and mystical reinforcing energy. Alkanes is the material that requires her for the refinement of the pewter spindle.

If you have secret coat of arms through the mysterious challenge in the bag, then you can exchange the against crown of wisdom, alkanes, material to improve talents and Morey.

Have fun with the shadow in the snow! You can also find more tips in the Loyola.

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