It does not have to be lol: 7 alternatives for Arcane

Who has the nine episodes of Arcane on Netflix behind, looks back on one of the best series of the year? At least it went much of the Gamer editors that. Even without prior knowledge of League of Legends Anime LoL developer Riot Games by fantastic written characters and a partly humorous but over long distances very dark and adult action convinced. Added to the mix of magic and science, Arcane punk is called, which was fantastically drawn and animated.

But how we bridge us now is the time until the start of the second season? are best done naturally with video games that are reminiscent in many areas to the Netflix hit for Arcane fans like. Important: You can find no clones here. Or rather remember games that are located either in the League of Legends universe, in terms of theme and game world to Arcane.

Dishonored 2

Genre: action adventure Platform: PS4, Xbox One Gamer Rating: 88

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That's the point: With Dishonored 2 has made it one of the best stealth action games of recent years in this list, which you can at the first-person gameplay as much creative freedom like no other game in the genre. The clever use of magic in combination with cool gadgets (like protagonist Emily's grappling hook), make the game Victorian Steampunk scenario to a particularly good.

Why do you recommend the game as Arcane fans, located at several points? First, the drawing style and the down-home, mixed with magical elements setting reminiscent of the anime. But the free movement through the city, sneaking over the rooftops reminded us directly to the first episodes.

Bios hock Infinite

Genre: First-Person Shooter Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch Gamer Rating: 89

That's the point: In Bios hock Infinite we explore as a private detective Booker DeWitt, the flying city of Columbia. Our mission is to kidnap a young woman named Elizabeth, has the supernatural abilities: You can open cracks in space and time and retrieve items. We are not only involved in a revolution, but must also guard against fanatics and fend off a giant mechanical bird.

In addition to the graphic that reminds us a little of the character style by Arcane, let us especially the trip to Columbia together with the clouds rails, we as race through at a roller-coaster ride over the rooftops of the city, think of the anime. The dense story that also deals with a conflict between the privileged and the back sheet, wearing their remaining in the atmosphere.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

Genre: RPG Platform: PS4, Xbox One, Switch Metacritic rating: 85

That's the point: The turn-based role-playing game Ruined King: A League of Legends Story lets you the world of League of Legends directly explore and should be especially for newcomers a good introduction to the complex lore. Although it does not go in the game to the famous Plover for their travels to the smuggler port city of bilge water and examined for the Shadow Isles a deadly black fog.

In addition to the story, especially the characters are the focus, including your team. This is made up of the LoL Champions Miss Fortune, Million, Baum, Pike, HRI and Yahoo. In the course of action you make on more familiar characters that you can not play it though.

Shadow run Trilogy

Genre: RPG Platform: Switch (from 2022)

That's the point: The Shadow run Trilogy contains three games Shadow run Returns, Shadow run: Dragon case and Shadow run: Hong Kong. The turn-based role-playing games combine Cyberpunk with fantasy and send us each in a futuristic Seattle, Berlin and Hong Kong. As a team of Runner called mercenaries, we must determine in murder cases, defend ourselves against powerful enemies, uncover a conspiracy and improve our Straßenruf.

Although the world of Shadow run is much futuristic than that of Arcane us fall but on clear parallels. The struggle of the oppressed against the ruling upper class, combining technology and magic, and the focus on the problems of the individual characters remind us directly to the anime.


Genre: Action Adventure Platform: PS3 / PS4, Xbox 360 / Xbox One Gamer Rating: 78

That's why: Hitman 47, Sam Fisher and Garrett are probably among the best skiers of the game story. Around Garrett's most recent Stealth adventure, we did not come to this list in this list, since Thief also reminded us with his conflict underworld against authority to Arcane. For refreshing: The steampunk metropolis The City, which was crowned by the PEST, is penetrated by a ruler called Baron North crest and the Master's Finger specialized on Thieves is quite reluctant to the last hope of the submitted.

From the First Person we claw everything that turns us out of great distance and blend to the best Thief times again water and fire arrows and seams out of the dark.

Legends of Runeterra

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Genre: Online collecting card game Platform: Android, iOS Metacritung score: 88

That's why it's about: Legends of Runeterra is a free collecting card game offloaded of League of Legends. With a map of 40 cards, you are standing against other players inside, with a person attacker and the other defenders in each train.

In addition to cards for units and spells, your decks may also contain up to six champions from the LOL universe. Depending on the background history and capabilities of the character, they have special skills that you can use.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Genre: Action Role-play Platform: PS4 / PS5 Gamer rating: 84

It's about it: The remake of the Final Fantasy classic has made it to our list as we strongly affect the conflict between the lower town (Hash) and the authority (Pilot) to the fight of the Avalanche resistance cross against the mighty Shira Group has remembered. Arm against rich, the up-to-earth against advanced technology.

In addition, Final Fantasy 7 lives from its strong focus on characters such as Cloud, FIFA and Aerial, with their cohesion and relationships with each other, which we found in the first three episodes of Arcane.

Do you have other games that your Arcane fans would recommend, then you like to write them in the comments.