LOL: The characters from Arcane are probably champions in the game

Some characters from the SeriesArcane will probably become heroes in League of Legends in the future. The team is looking forward to making it possible.

Every League of Legends Champion in ARCANE The animation series Arcane is pressed like a bomb. Not only LOL players are excited, also many spectators who have never had anything to do with League of Legends, could be carried away from the series. But a question urged each other in the players again and again: Will we see some characters soon in League of Legends? Then the developers gave a first answer — and they should delight.

What was said? In a Reddit contribution around the Sentinels of Light event, the question came on whether the two coming characters could have to do with the series Arcane at the beginning of 2022 (ADC and Support). This was denied directly by Ryan Miles, the Lead Champion Producer. However, there was a positive message right behind: The team is looking forward to bringing characters from Arcane. More specifically, the Subreddit of Lol is called:

[...] As strong as the series arrived at so many players, the Champion team is already looking forward to exploring characters from Arcane in the future, which would make sense of a Mob.

Which characters could be that? That's a good question. For a peculiarity of Arcane was that all characters were developed as extensive, that one could not recognize as non-LOL players, which the characters already occur in Mob. The newly introduced characters were as extensive designed that they could have easily had their origins in the game.

This in turn leads to a rather solid list of characters on which the LOL creators could resort. You would be possible:

Mel Madeira Amnesia Madeira Declared Silo Milo Clangor Marcus Finn Book

Consider, however, that some of these characters are no longer alive, which then reduces the likelihood. It seems much more likely that living characters create living characters.

When could the characters come? There is not a concrete date for that yet. However, no one should expect that the implementation is already done in the coming months. Riot plans the characters usually half a year or longer in advance.

Maybe in the second half of 2022 we get the first surprise from Arcane to see if a character creates the way to the League of Legends. And then maybe it's not so far away until fans finally can look a second season of the series...

Would you like to play some serial heroes (or bad guys) in Lol? Who should work in your opinion?