NBA - Dallas Mavericks after the bankruptcy against the Cleveland Cavaliers: Goods are shitty

The Dallas Mavericks have against the Cleveland Cavaliers a significant defeat conceded (96: 114). Following Luka Ionic and Head Coach Jason Kidd found clear words.

We must continue to stand together, Ionic said after the swatter in the domestic arena. According to point guard this time is an important ordeal for the team. It's easy to stick together when things are going well. Now in the difficult times that we, if we are a real team, he said.

Ionic acted against the Cars was the only Mass player in normal form and put a triple-double (25 points, 7/11 Rear, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) on. It affects us all, he said nevertheless: We had a lot of open shots, we just have to keep going.

Even coach Kidd still wants the confidence of his superstar in his teammates. We must continue to trust each other, said Kidd. Luka could have been because no one throws his hit without any problems the ball not play. But we must continue to make the right plays.

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Despite the 37.1 percent Shooting percentage over the first three quarters and 28.5 three of the remaining teams without Ionic Kidd expires not panic. The most important thing that we do not fall into self-pity. We just have to keep going. No one has said that it is easy to make his throws. We get completely free throws, but they just do not meet, the coach said.

By the weak offensive his team also let the energy on the defensive miss, Kidd said: If we do not make our shots, we tend to feel sorry for ourselves. As a result, the team would not be back in time on the defensive and the enemy thereby give easy throws. Our transition defense was last crappy. We have to work, Kidd said.

The Mass were against the Cavaliers in the third quarter in the meantime with 24 points back and the game then could not make exciting. By the fourth defeat in the last five games Dallas now stands at a record of 10-9, but currently still enough for fourth place in the Western Conference.

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When next the Mass have run twice against the also ailing New Orleans Pelicans.