Pokemon Journeys makes fun of the arrival of Gigantamax Genegar

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ASH’S GIGANTAMAX GENGAR CONFIRMED, Mega Lucario vs Gigantamax Machamp + MORE! - Pokémon Journeys Vines Pokémon has been silent for a while, but the anime has simply been planning great things behind the scene. As the program progresses towards a new arc, fanatics receive some solid unique episodes. And thanks to a new report, the fans found out that Gigantamax Gen gar is on the way to the Christmas season.

The update comes from Defender, a well-known Pokémon source in social networks. It was there where the fans were told two new episode titles for vines Pokémon, and it turns out that Christmas Eve will sound with the help of Gigantamax Gene gar and Ash Ketchup.

The report confirms that the episode of December 24 will be titled Gene as much as possible! The road to Gigantamax! ». Pokémon Journeys will begin this episode with another creepy launch on December 17 if the title «The Ghost Train Departs!» It has something to say.

Clearly, fanatics are more excited than Hangar getting the moment of him, and nothing could be better than seeing the monster to get to Gigantamax. The Pokémon The Fandom has been pressing for the opportunity since Ash caught the ghost-type monster. Given how strong it is to gene, the public knows that the Gigantamax form of Him will be something special, so they are curious to know how the transformation will occur.

Until now, Ash has done everything possible so that each of the new Pokemon of him is the center of attention, and Gen gar is definitely delayed. The monster captivated the fans during his introductory arch, but lately, Lucio has been the main focus of the anime. It was not a long time ago that vines Pokémon gave Ash the opportunity to mega evolve the profit of him, and that moment took years to be done. Then, obviously, the anime expects to give the fans a Christmas gift when Gen gar lights up next month.

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