Schröders Furiose 76 seconds

Six points in the last 76 seconds: When it came to assuming Dennis Schröder at 98:92 at the Cleveland Cavaliers (9: 6) the responsibility and secured the record champion the victory in Ohio.

Overall, the strongly boiling Schröder in the absence of the injured Jaylen Brown in the absence of the injured Jaylen Brown headed as a starter 14 points. Best thrower for the NBA record champion, which now has a balanced (7: 7), was Jayson Tatum with 23 points.

Record du monde rider 574 !!

Ionic bosses

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To the other Germans: Daniel This (ten points, five rebounds) collected at the 102: 136 of the Houston Rockets against the Memphis Grizzlies already the twelfth bankruptcy in series. Although Franz Wagner scored the 111: 129 of the Orlando Magic in Atlanta (19), the eleventh defeat could not prevent this season. His brother Moritz showed a dunk during his short-term use.

Maxi Keeper lacks the 111: 101 of Dallas Mavericks against the Denver Nuggets with a muscle injury. For Superstar Luka Ionic, the already decided game ended in the final minute with a frightening moment: the Slovene (23/8/11) kinked in a defense attempt with the ankle and left the court open under pain — diagnosis. Kris taps Mornings (29 points, five threesome, eleven rebounds) was the best basket hunter of the Texans (9: 4).

Neuter victory in series for the Suns

The Phoenix Suns, however, count on the hottest teams of the league. At the wafer-thin 99:96 at the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chris Paul in Q4 ran really hot: The routine Point Guard collected 19 his 21 points in the final portion and was to Devin Booker (29) and the Great Dealer Anton (22/12) third-best scorer for The SUNS for the ninth time in series SUNS (10: 3), which are second in the West are behind the Golden State Warriors (11: 2).

The East, however, lead the Washington Wizards (10: 3 after 105: 100 against New Orleans) just before the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls (both 10: 4). The bulls defeated the clippers at their L.A. trip also the stumbling Lakers. Dear German again showed an exquisite performance with 38 points.