Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will receive his last update soon

SORT He arrived at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last October, and with him, they also approach the last content for the game. In fact, the acclaimed fight title will receive a new update soon, which will end up all of them. That's right, your players should get used to playing smash without having to download a new patch in the future.

Smash Ultimate 13.0.1 Update Coming Soon! Save Your Replays One Last Time!

Nintendo announced that the version 13.0.1, The next patch for the game will be the last one. After this update there will be no more adjustments to any of the characters, so everything that is broken, if it is not fixed with this last version, so it will stay.

At the time of writing, we still do not have a specific date for the arrival of this update. Nor have they revealed exactly what it will change, but considering that it is the last, sure it will come with a lot of important changes.

Editor's note: It will definitely be sad to have to say goodbye to the updates and content for one of the best games of recent years. But on the other hand, there is also some emotion to know exactly what will be the next Samurai project, of course, unless he decides to retire before that.