Before Christmas, Cod Vanguard and Warzone are a shard full of bugs

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Call of Duty is in an important phase: Not only Season 1 of Vanguard and War zone Pacific recently brought the biggest changes to the popular Battle Royale. Thanks to Christmas, more players will spend a lot of time with cod. But the community believes: the franchise never went worse.

Both the developers and the fans of Call of Duty have expected an exciting restart for the franchise with Vanguard and War zone Pacific:

With Caldera came the first completely new map to War zone since Release; Vanguard wanted to delight fans with a return to the fast gameplay of the most popular cods. Also, a new anti-cheat should improve the game experience in both games.

NEW Shipmas Gameplay, Krampus ELIMINATED, & Elf Locations! (Festive Fervor Event)

However, despite these attempts to improve and refresh the gaming experience for the fans, the frustration outweighs shortly before Christmas. Both war zone and Vanguard suffer from many problems — partly under the same.

The COD fans therefore believe that the shooter franchise goes as bad as never before. Some players also recognize a mirror of structural problems with the developers themselves.

War zone is in the worst state in which it was ever

What are the problems of COD War zone? Since the map changeover from Verdant to Caldera, fans War zone partly hardly recognize again. Bugs, unfulfilled expectations, find one for many disappointing map players, war zone is in the worst state in which it was ever (via Reddit).

These problems occupy the community most in the last few days:

The new map changes the gameplay too much for many players. The Mega Streamer Tim 'Timthatman' Bear finds that Caldera dead and does not even feel like Cod (via Desert) The fan urgently desirable and expected FOR slider for consoles has not come. The weapon grind is too long for many players. You will find the time impossible and therefore demotivating (via Reddit) In return, chopped lobbies players allow their weapons to be fully completely levels (via Twitter) — even if the players are pleased, they see it as a poverty certificate for War zone. Players broke the current weapon balance. Among other things, a sniper is massively Overpowered. Some essays are completely op (via Twitter) Many patches in a short time change the meta constantly, but the community regularly finds new surgical loadouts. This problem also makes the weapons grind harder. Krampus has players the matches so much ruined that the funny fairy tale monsters had to be generated. Continuous server problems, crashes and bugs nerves players since the changeover to the new map (via Twitter).

Players on Reddit call the Season 1 of War zone Pacific therefore a shear pile of bugs (via Reddit). Even evil memes about server stability make your round on Reddit:

Vanguard makes the players no fun anymore

What are the problems of COD Vanguard? Also, COD Vanguard has to fight with massive problems. Especially the last week has taken care of the players for a lot of frustration:

A PERK is so broken that it disturbs the AIM assist A new grenade makes most of the popular small maps almost unplayable Horse kill cam skins make the game active ugly A bug prevents players since releasing to unlock all the blinds (via Twitter) €20 construction plans are visually (via Reddit) and / or mechanically broken (via Reddit) Also in Vanguard Krampus is a reluctant guest (via Reddit) In Vanguard there are also sustained problems with servers, crashes and bugs.

All these problems also ensure that players mean: That makes no fun anymore (via Reddit) and it is in the condition currently unplayable (via Reddit)

Does the COD annoyance come from the problems with Activision Blizzard?

These lists show that the problems and complaints between War zone and Vanguard are reflected. The community also connects this with the persistent problems with Activision Blizzard itself. Among other things, gambling testers were allegedly fired in the case of War zone developer Raven Software. To what extent the problems of COD directly reflect the BLIZZARD Activision, you can not judge from the outside but not.

How are you currently with COD War zone and Vanguard? Have you funned with the games, or outweighs the trouble and frustration? Will you evade other games at Christmastime? Let's know us in the comments.

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