Cod Warzone: Complete Note of the December 16 Update Patch, Pacific News

Z1 Battle Royale (previously H1Z1 and also King of the Eliminate) is a battle royale video game developed and published by Daybreak Video game Business. The video game's growth started after the original H1Z1 was dilated into 2 different tasks in very early 2016: H1Z1: Simply Make It Through and H1Z1: King of the Kill. The games were further split as different tasks in October 2017, with Just Endure going down the H1Z1 name, as well as King of the Kill ending up being just H1Z1. After 3 years of remaining in very early gain access to for Microsoft Windows, H1Z1 officially released as a free-to-play video game in February 2018, later on released for the PlayStation 4 in August 2018. A month later nevertheless, advancement of the video game was transferred to Being Mobile, that tried to change the game back to an earlier develop from 2017, rebranding it as Z1 Battle Royale. In April 2019, advancement of the video game was provided back over to Sunrise.

COD: Warzone Pacific Update- How to Fix ( an error has occurred launching the game. ) ✅*NEW UPDATE* It has been several days after Raven Software address the main problems of the new Pacific map with the city of Caldera in Call of Duty: War zone. So they play news

Available From December 9, Battle Royale players have a new tropical-style playground. However, several problems hindered this new game experience. Fortunately, we can now enjoy (more or less) from a Battle Royale with Christmas reasons.

This new update not only introduced the announced event a little earlier, but also and above all allows us to correct the incessant noise of the combat aircraft, or even the sound effects that looked like what they were not.

In addition, Karma Kar98K has returned to suffer some modifications since it had become a semiautomatic rifle.

Update patch note of December 16 at War zone Pacific


The environmental sound effects have been adjusted.

As is played

Bombings on the boiler have ceased. No more sightings were reported. We have reduced the initial and stepped rewards for the Contract [Top Secret]. Error corrections Collision problems were corrected with several elements in Caldera Town that allowed players to undermine, look or shoot through them. A problem was solved with the kar98k (e.g.) where the evening skill of the weapon allowed him to shoot as if it were semiautomatic. A problem was solved that caused a reduction of frame rate by reappearing with a player title and a matching card frame. An audio problem was solved during infiltration in Vanguard Royale modes. Additional images were corrected that appeared in several previews of the store and / or purchases of packets. A problem was solved that caused replacement images to appear in the package locker. A problem that caused alternative text to appear in the social menu was solved. A problem that caused alternative text to appear in several presentation cards was solved. A problem was solved that caused the wrong rarity label on the store packages.