Far Cry 6: The free Danny Trejo

Far Cry 6, in addition to the main story and many co-missions, also offers heaps of extras and LCS and a complete Season Pass. The Post Launch content is in full swing and now officially brings us the crossover mission with Danny Trejo. Who bought the Season Pass, also gets the technically highly revised Classic Edition of the Far Cry 3-Standalone Adds Blood Dragon on top. So you should have more than enough to do.

Far Cry 6: The free Danny Trejo mission is finally officially playable

That's why it's time: As Crossover Bonus Mission, the films known from films like Machete Danny Trejo appears in Far Cry 6. He just wants to sell his Tacos, but of course that does not work so smoothly. However, we can help him and get a special motorcycle in return if we have completed the mission Danny & Dani against all.

Now officially there: The bonus mission around Danny Trejo had already been published in early November. The whole thing was not planned and the event actually in progress. Ubisoft ruled back and has removed the mini-DLC. Now the time is ripe, and the mission can finally be played as planned.

When's it going? Now, the mission can already be played.

Danny Trejo free crossover mission | Far Cry 6

Here you can see the trailer:

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Classic Edition Now in the Far Cry 6-Season Pass

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon can now be played in the so-called Classic Edition. For this you either have to have the Season Pass of Far Cry 6, or you buy the new edition individually, that works too. The Classic Edition brings on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X anyway smaller technical improvements with themselves, on the PC, the version corresponds to the original of 2013.

What is Blood Dragon? At Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone add-on to Far Cry 3 with completely new story and new scene. The special feature of the spinoff is the pretty crumpled like sympathetic humor and the flair of a 1980s action movie that is completely exaggerated — in every way: you fight in a neon-radiant Open World of the future against cyborgs in the retro look.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in the test — a heart for dragon

When's it going? Now, you can play Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon now play when you have the Season Pass.

This is still coming: The Veins DLC, Danny Trejo and Blood Dragon were not all, on the contrary. The Far Cry 6-Season Pass offers a few larger LCS, but you will also receive free and without Season Pass still various crossover bonuses, new missions, fresh content and more. The roadmap to the planned updates can be found here.

How do you find the Danny Trejo mission? Or do you have more Bock on Blood Dragon?