Fortnite adds Skins and Cobra Kai emits

Fortnite has received Skins and Cobra Kai emotions to commemorate the premiere of the fourth season of the popular Netflix series.

The sequel to Karate Kid, a myth of the eighties, will be represented at the Royale Battle of Epic Games with ten suits, available in the object store, and several additional elements, such as peaks, backpacks and gestures.

The costumes are inspired by the dojos Cobra Kai, Fang of the Eagle and Miyagi-do, and there are also sets like Jones Karma or Furious Crane. All these skins can be purchased individually or in two lots, KO Karate and confrontation in El Dojo.

Streamers React to *NEW* All this can be accompanied, in addition, by the retro backpacks of Miami and Currency Cobra, the curse and dojo logo, and the gesture the technique of Crane.

Cobra Kai is the last within the extensive list of collaborations between Fortnite and other popular franchises in the world of entertainment. Recently, without going further, we saw as added to Boba Fett, the hunters of Star Wars, on the occasion of the new Disney + series, and in the third season of the Epic Games game, initiated in early December, the Arrival of Spider-Man.