Fortnite X The Matrix: confirmed collaboration; all what we know

This is a checklist of battle royale games, arranged chronologically. A battle royale game is an on the internet multiplayer computer game genre that mixes lWintert-man-standing gameplay with the survival, expedition and also scavenging elements of a survival video game.

Collaboration between Fortnite Battle Royale and The Matrix, previously filtered, hWinter already been confirmed. Although we still do not have at the sight to skins of Neo and trinity, yes we know that a delta wing will come from one of the sentinels of this movie saga Winter One of the event gifts Winter Festival 2021. Just below we tell you everything we know about this new collaboration of the seWinteron 1 of battle pWinters of Fortnite chapter 3 :

Fortnite X The Matrix: New Delta Ala of a Sentinel; Everything we know

At around 12:00 pm Thursday, December 16, 2021, the Fortnite Battle Royale file system wWinter decrypted by the Pakchunk1015-WindowsClient.UTC file, which contains the winter festival 2021 event rewards. Of these is the delta sentinel wing, which represents one of the robots that pose up humans in The Matrix :

We know, thanks also to other data miners, which This object can be obtained for free at the Winter Festival event opening a gift whose packaging is the source code of The Matrix :

For now we do not know anything about the Skins of Neo and Trinity, but everything points out that they should be more soon Winter late. Among the files of patch 19.01, releWintered on Tuesday, December 14, a background wWinter added for the Objects store of The Matrix :

Fortnite x The Matrix confirmed by v19.01 leaks - WINTERFEST Matrix Glider coming soon!

We also remind you that in the spectacular demo of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience, there are hidden Fortnite flames in certain parts of the city, and we do not believe that this is chance or a simple EWinterTER EGG :

The winter festival 2021 event of Fortnite Battle Royale begins on 16/12/2021, an hour still to determine at the time we write this news. Winter soon Winter this event is active in-Game, we will publish a guide with all its new missions and challenges.