Halo Infinite: Now for Xbox Series X cheaper at Mediamarkt

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Who does not know Halo, the Xbox has definitely missed out? Could have done without the Halo hero Master Chief and the first-class games of first-person shooter series, the Microsoft console not have the significance that it enjoys today. Now get the latest Xbox models, the Xbox and the Xbox Series X Series S Halo their part. Hallo Infinite has been available since December 8 and is currently at Media Market for only 61.99 euros buy stock — Free Shipping.

BUY: Halo Xbox Infinite Series X / S at Media Market for €61.99

What makes Halo Infinite on Xbox Series X / S?

We could already in the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite fall and had a lot of fun. The pace is not too fast but not too slow and control proceeds intuitively obvious. Although weapons, vehicles, maps or modes are not really groundbreaking, but it all has been implemented with care and a lot of Halo feels. All in all, the multiplayer so that a bomb firm foundation for the coming years. To Halo on Xbox Infinite Series X and the all-digital console Xbox Series S will provide an extensive single-player campaign, in which a large part has flown six years of development of Halo Infinite studio 343 Industries. At Media Market is Halo Infinite allows for only 61.99 euros for Xbox Series X / S purchase — free shipping.

strengths and weaknesses of Halo Infinite (based multiplayer test)

Easy to hold appeals to gameplay and comfortable pace, the veterans like newcomers For starters, good selection of weapons, maps and vehicles

Halo Infinite TRIUMPHS Over Critics | NEW Xbox Series X Game Fixes Mistakes | Xbox & PS5 News Technically clean PC version with many options

Season Pass content will not expire Plenty of potential for the future To date, hardly own ideas

BUY: Halo Xbox Infinite Series X / S at Media Market for €61.99

What does the single player campaign of Halo Infinite?

Hallo Infinite offers an extensive multiplayer mode, of course, again a single-player campaign. PC Games could already try out the single player mode using a preview version of Halo Infinite. Here, the first-person shooter has the colleague David Hence in the first half hour game bowled genuine. The fleet staging that charmingly constructed relationship between Master Chief and the weapon, the action-packed gameplay including the new grappling hook — this is fun. Once the shooter leaves the scripted paths, however, he loses his fascination quickly. The Open World on the zeta Halo seemed generic and lifeless. However, the open area makes up only a small part of the extensive campaign of Halo Infinite. The first-person shooter can be currently at Media Market for 61.99 euros for Xbox and Xbox Series X Series S buy — from stock and free shipping.

BUY: Halo Xbox Infinite Series X / S at Media Market for €61.99

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