Return: How to unlock weapons traits

Fortin is a difficult game, and you will have to use all the advantages that the game gives you to overcome it, especially if you are looking to get the secret end. If you wonder how to make the weapons even more powerful, here we have the information you need. Here is How to unlock gun features in Return.

How to unlock weapons traits in RURAL

The features are basically passive effects or features that a weapon can have, and can be extremely useful depending on what they are doing. To unlock the weapon features of a specific weapon, you must eliminate many enemies and use the weapon in combat as often as possible. More features will appear as unlockable options as your skill increases.

In the screenshot Next, the skill level is the small white meter next to the star symbol at the bottom left of the screen. Selene is at the skill level 1. The meter will start at zero with each race, but it will increase as she kills enemies or collects calibrate artifacts. You can also see that the feature unlocked for the taquomanic rifle is a critical hit, while the one that is blocked for the Pitman Blaster is Wide Maw.

Return weapons features will begin as blocked, but as you kill enough, the feature will be unlocked and activated automatically. In addition, as the skill increases, you will find that weapons begin to have higher levels of family features, multiple traits at the same time and even new features that I had never seen before.

It is also important to keep in mind that increasing Selene's ability will affect the levels of weapons that she find, which, in turn, will affect her features. You will never find a weapon below your skill level. The taquomanic rifle in the image above is level 0, since it was found before Selene's ability reached level 1, which is the level of Pitman Blaster as it is new.

That's all you need to know How to unlock gun features in Return. Make sure you check our Game Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information.

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