Unvested: District division dismisses coaches

The vaccine against the Coronavirus — a topic that currently threatens to split at least parts from the majority society. Now it also has a coach and association in the district league Braunschweig. Because an exercise leader does not want to vaccinate, according to the conception of the association of solidarity and a contribution to overcoming the pandemic denied, one does not want to continue with the coach.

The development of the Corona Pandemic and the related restrictions in the second year again lead that, among others, amateur football in winter, no game operation for our men's teams and our children and adolescents can take place. A terrible and unbearable situation for the entire club sport in Germany. In our view, only by vaccination is to achieve a way out of this pandemic, the Göttingen Association FC Gone initiates his press release spread over the social media. It is stated, it continues to say, for solidarity and reason — and expect it from the members.

Sluiting laatste COVID-19 afdeling D2 west

This claim will not meet the coach of the 1st team according to the association: the perception of his activity as an exercise manager is no longer compatible with the club interests, it says: Solidarity to protect, and mutual consideration are also called for us that all possibilities offered To be used, together and decided to defeat the pandemic. So as quickly as possible, the restrictions can be terminated! This also applies to all exercise leaders. In this point, however, different views exist between the club and its coach. That's why you have decided on an end to the cooperation.