Warzone Pacific launch trailer reveals off the new map and Lead Royale

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The brand-new launch trailer for War zone Pacific has simply regarding whatever you would certainly desire in your traveler summary: picturesque coastlines, display lizards, as well as intense battling throughout air, land, and also sea.

The new trailer landed in advance of the Call of Duty War zone update which will certainly boot the whole game back to the World War 2 battlefield on December 8. It begins with a cheery introduction of the new island of Caldera, including its beautiful settled locations as well as natural elegance. After that a bunch of drivers run in and also start screwing up the area, as their will not to do.

The trailer shows fragments of action from throughout the island, demonstrating its potential for close-up urban war, cross-map sniping, and also vehicular fight. It resembles the brand-new addition of World War 2 warplanes will make a huge effect on surface area fights, but they can still be countered by anti-air gun vehicles (or by other planes). If you're a hard no on obtaining slaughtered by passing airplanes, you can always stay with basic Battle Royale setting as opposed to its new Lead Royale counterpart.

War zone gamers who have Call of Duty: Lead will certainly have the ability to drop right into Caldera beginning on December 8, while everybody else will certainly have to wait up until December 9. The Renewal Island map will still be around for smaller range battle royales in the meanwhile.

Warzone Pacific Gameplay Launch Trailer!

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