CALL OF DUTY: When is the attack pack to the Titans in Warzone and Vanguard?

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Aft your steel swords because Attack on Titan will arrive in a few days at Call of Duty Vanguard , and also to the Battle Royale Call of Duty: War zone .


Initially, we only deal with rumors and a few lines of code that suggested the arrival of INK to the title of Sledgehammer Games . But a few weeks later, the first images of the famous steel sheet appeared, and there was no room for doubt

However, it was only last week that Activision formalized the arrival of the anime through a special pack for both titles.

When will the Attack on Titan content in Call of Duty Vanguard and War zone be available?

According to the press release that Activision published last week, Vanguard and War zone Pacific players will be able to buy, for a few points cod, the Tracker package: Attack on Titan — Levi's Edition as of January 20, on Thursday 20 This week.

However, we do not have a specific time for its release, but given the habits of the study, we should have access to it from 7:00 p.m. (Peninsular Schedule) when the playlist and shop lists are updated, we can hope that It will be at that time.

In this pack, players will find several elements:

  • The Titan Piece, a plan of weapons that imitates the famous saber capable of killing the Titans.
  • The execution of the steel incision.
  • The best introduction of action vertical maneuver (VG).
  • The achievement MVP Ultra Hard Steel (VG).
  • The legendary history submissions.
  • The assault rifle The curse of Ymir.
  • The Exploration Battalion operator aspect.
  • A lucky amulet Guardian of the Secret.
  • The emblem of the wings of freedom.
  • A decal of Hot Pope.

Although its price has not been announced, it is very likely that it is on sale at the price of 2,400 points cod, or something more than 20 euros, To exit Doubts, Go to January 20 to the Vanguard and War zone store .