Clash Royale: The unexpected movement of an elf who has caused the rival's stupor

Can the units of Clash Royale deviate knowing the trajectory of an opposite spell? In theory this is impossible, but in practice, some letters sometimes produce incongruous corners in the worthy arena of the Israel Sonensaya. Recently, the Reddit user Mysterius-Ant-Bee gave a perfect example, who published a video where you can see a slide dodging a trunk that comes to him with an accuracy that scares. If not, it judges for yourself in the clip we will leave below:

In the clip, we see how the goblin slide I was going to receive all the wrath of the trunk, but without warning and surprise of all, suddenly changes from course to attack a Tesla tower that the opponent had previously placed. A pretty surprising movement that also deceives the opponent , since he was sure that the goblin would venture on the bridge, where he was going to be crushed by the trunk.

This is without taking into account the extraordinary attack rank ** of the slide, as well as the agricultural radio, from which he can point to the units to attack. Without this to be a mistake, the trajectory of the goblin makes him move from left to right, producing a dodging that seems to be scheduled, but that is actually a miracle. Instead of using the term outplay, we will say that it has been a lucky interaction.


However, the play is still impressive and extremely rare, especially because it happens in a real duel and for nothing programmed. As not, the reaction of the rival was of stupefaction and impotence through an emoji that said everything. In any case, it gives us a good lesson: we must calculate as good as possible the direction that can take an enemy troop ** before attacking it with a spell.