Microsoft confirms that the production of Xbox One consoles stopped more than a year ago

The Atari Video Clip Computer System or ATARI VCS is among the initial game consoles of the American producer Atari, Inc. It is based on the microprocessor MOS 6507, a specifically generated for Atari variant of the MOS 6502. The device preceded in the US in 1977 In the profession, later worldwide. At the end of the 1970s it was also offered in the Federal Republic of Germany. With the introduction of successor console Atari 5200 in 1982, Atari called the tool in Atari 2600. The went ahead of various changes in the optical appearance, which proceeded after a proprietor adjustment Atari's 1984. In the exact same year with the informally ATARI 2600 Junior console adhered to another alternative with a covered housing. The production was terminated at the end of 1991. Atari was able to sell concerning 30 million ATARI VCS 2600 around the world, as stated in summary of all designs. Atari's VCS 2600 is thought about among the financially as well as culturally vital consoles of video game history.

We have been with more than a year with the new generation of consoles, but that usually does not mean that previous versions are stopped manufacturing. It is a process that usually takes a while, although it seems that from Microsoft and they have completely completed the production of all the Xbox One family consoles.

This is the case since the Portal The Verge, indicating that the Redmond signature has discontinued the production of Xbox One consoles to focus on Xbox Series X | s.


It is something that has been known now, but the measure takes a long time. Cindy Walker, Senior Marketing Director of Products of the Xbox Console, confirms in the aforementioned medium that Xbox One production stopped at the end of 2020 : more than a year ago.

Apparently, Microsoft first discontinued Xbox One X and Xbox One S All Digital, and then stop doing it with Xbox One S. An action that has taken quietly so far, so Retailers have been selling stocks they had In warehouse during these months.

For years in Microsoft they are aware that the Xbox One Sales were far from expected, so they gave up at a point to focus on Xbox Series, with which they have started with much better foot.