Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.5: Buy and customize apartments

You have gambled Cyberpunk 2077 while saving a few eddies or even considerable assets on VS account? Then you can now get the money with Update 1.5. Now you can buy apartments and customize this your personal taste. We tell you how it works.

Buy and customize new apartments

It's about it: The big and long update for cyberpunk 2077 is finally online. In addition, the Next Gen versions, or upgrades have been published.

Among other things, the innovations include that V is now not only a single home available, but you can buy more - and that's easy. You go to the PC in your standard Ingame resistant. There, your "network" calls and then the ezestates website . There are now four new apartments available, which you can buy.

For every wallet is something. An apartment in Northside you can already get for 5000 Eddies, while you have to lie down for the most expensive object corpo plaza, more than tenfold, namely 55,000 eddies. The property in Glen also proposes with 40,000 eddies properly, while the apartment in Japantown is more in the lower area with 15,000. Incidentally, ongoing costs do not arise.

Here is our summary article for the new update:

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Customize apartments: You can press the new apartments even your own stamp. In the tab "makeover" you can choose different styles for the apartments. But you should note that every renovation costs 10,000 eddies and then does not own this style, but every time you want to change something.

What do I start with the new apartments? You can use it as well as the familiar apartment, so there are showers, sleeping or accessing your warehouse.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Every New Piece of Real Estate In Update 1.5! New Customization and Apartments!

Have you already discovered the new apartments and what do you think of this feature?