Naraka BladePoint: Try the Battle Royale for free until Tuesday for free!

Steam has not only a few grandiose price cuts ready for the weekend, some games will even get you completely free. One of them is Naraka BladePoint: The Martial Arts-Battle Royale has been surprisingly successful last year in August shortly after release and can still announce impressive game numbers on Steam.

Also free weekend is likely to help: since Friday, the 18th of February and until Tuesday, the 22nd of February , you can all and even in vain in the world of Naraka BladePoint Dropping and testing themselves, which is actually hidden behind the nearby campaigned fight.

That awaits you at Naraka BladePoint

Naraka Bladepoint is FREE to PLAY Now! (Download Link Here)

Although "Battle Royale" stands on top and it - as usual in the genre - goes to stand as last on the battlefield, Naraka BladePoint brings some own elements to withdraw from the competition. Probably striking: Many of the battles take place primarily in melee .

While there are some ranged weapons with whom your opponents can also turn off from afar, yet your Fighting game skills are mostly required if you meet in the Asian Battle Royale on enemies. Compared to APEX Legends, Fortnite and PubG, where the firearms are the linchpin, Naraka BladePoint is trying to be a new approach here.

So there should be little surprise that you can draw with Bruce Lee most personally into the battle. Instead of mere fists, you can also try the diverse weapons of the game: a spear or dangerous nunchaku, for example. How to fermented to deal with you, then decides at the end whether you are the last of the 60 players on the playing field or previously departed.

Naraka BladePoint: Save 30% in the current offer

If you like the taste of you and you wanted to continue to play Naraka BladePoint, of course, you have to put your money on the table for it. But who hurries, you can buy the Battle Royale currently on the offer after the free test phase at Steam. Until Friday, February 25, are all versions of Naraka BladePoint reduced by 30%.

The normal variant without cosmetic extras is therefore currently available for 13.99 euros instead of the usual 19.99 euros. The Deluxe (24.49 euros instead of 34.99 euros) and Ultimate Edition (35.69 euros instead of 50.99 euros) are of course a bit more expensive, but also lure with exclusive skins. The latter takes you with a digital artbook and soundtrack even deeper into the world of Naraka BladePoint.

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