The Call of Duty saga announces that it will take a year without publishing games: these are the chosen dates

It is obvious that the Call of Duty saga has been suffering a few years for a few years, especially in its annual adventures; Since the brand is keeping the type considerably with Warzone , the Battle Royale that is a success and what the players are dedicated to much of their time. COD: Vanguard has not so deep, despite maintaining a large core of players. And in Activision Blizzard they will make decisions.

Jason Schreier , reputed journalist of the Middle Bloomberg, has anticipated that, according to its sources, the Call of Duty Saga will dispense with its annual delivery in 2023. It will be the first time since 2005 in which we will not have a game of the saga in a natural year.

As indicated, the game, which is being developed by Treyarch, will take more time to order ideas and to return with a successful formula , and would not reach 2024.

They are plans that do not change what is foreseen for this year, since it seems that everything is still standing with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2022 , which will arrive during the next few months as planned. They are medium-term and safe plans that plan content from the series during all that time, so as not to leave orphans to thousands of followers who enjoy the license.

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Since Bloomberg ensure that the decision will be made by the scarce performance of Cod Vanguard with respect to previous deliveries of the Saga; That and the feeling that the games of the brand were stepped on each other. To compensate for the absence, The Editora studies launching other shooters in the year 2023, including a new free-to-play delivery , as well as content for the new Warfare Modern and for the confirmed Warzone 2. Come on, What will be for Call of Duty.

While we see what happens in the future, we leave you with our Cod Vanguard analysis, so that you can refresh what we found at the time. Remember also that daily we offer content with Warzone tricks and tips.