The new patch of PUBG revised M416 and MK12

Since PubG: Battlegrounds is free to play, players in droves in the online arena flock to give this legendary Battle Royale another chance. But if you are a vintage car, you do not expect that you immediately earn a delicious chicken dinner - KRONSON has made some changes behind the scenes, including the growing arsenal of the game.

As part of the PubG patch 16.1, which is available today for both PC and console, the development team has made comprehensive changes to two of the weapons that you can find in the game to prevent "scenarios in which players all the same, Above average weapon holstern ". Klebenoteletter.

The M416 has received some love after update 7.2 has weakened the weapon into the ground. While the Beryl M762 still remains one of the best weapons in the game, Krafton hopes that this buff, which increases the damage, the shot speed and reach the loss of damage, will bring people to consider twice if they use it. The damage and the drop-off range of the MK12 were also improved in this patch, and since he appears on each available card - both in normal and ranking games, Krafton hopes that the players will prefer the weapon of the SLR.

These are the only changes made at the arsenal, as the developer team "the players did not want to stress through the nerve of frequently used weapons", but it should have a pretty big impact on the entire pubG meta. Safe, SMGS and shotguns are not under shelling, but KRONTON says that it is a database-based balancing - so expect some changes in a future update.

PUBG HUGE NEW META CHANGES! M416 and Mk12 Buff! Full Update Breakdown

However, this is not the only thing that comes in the patch; Changes to the card pool were also made. Karakin replaces Vikendi in the normal matchpool and lets Erangel, Miramar and Taego for the pubg ranking season 16 in the game.

Now the players have to deal with sticky bombs and rocket launchers when they want to enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of roast chicken.