The Royal Battle Hyper Scape will close on April 28

Hyper Scape Shutting Down, a Fallen Battle Royale During the summer of 2020, Ubisoft kicked off the operation of Hyper Scape , then presented as a game of Battle Royale, immersing the players in a futuristic and urban universe very vertical, resting on a fast and nervous gameplay. The title adopts a free-to-play model and for all that, Hyper Scape never really found his audience - just a few months after the exit, Ubisoft conceded that the game did not reach the goals that the studio had Fixed, but promised updates to find a second breath. Obviously, it will not suffice.

In a note published on the official website, Ubisoft announces that it has taken "the difficult decision to put an end to the development of the game" and to close the servers of Hyper Scape from April 28th. The developer nevertheless considers that the experience has been rich in teaching and that it will feed on its future projects.

Ubisoft does not specify the projects in question, but while waiting to discover them, we remember that the developer intends to diversify his catalog and produce more modest games in parallel with its AAA titles. Obviously, the studio nevertheless still to find the right formula for these more modest titles (distributed in Free-to-Play): beyond the closing of Hyper Scape, XDefiant or The Division : Heartland (also announced in Free-To-Play) have also been welcomed very freshly by the players, to the point of pushing the developer to review his copy. We know the adage: "Hurry slowly and without losing courage; Twenty times on the job, replace your work "...