Fortnite: Mode without a cottage possibility could stay permanent

The Epic Games team will take you to start chapter 3 - season 2 in Fortnite for a little variety in the Battle Royale shooter by completely disabling the Baumechanik in standard mode for a short time. By changing, countless players have again thrown a look into the title, which have just taken back to another shooter of the genre because of the building options.

Remains the no-build mode forever?

Epic Games may now do without a separate game mode Permanent on the tree mechanics from Fortnite. In the game data - Discovered by DataMiner Hypex \ - corresponding hints were discovered. Accordingly, there is already a "no-building mode" , which can then be activated at any time after the end of the event. In addition, texts of some tips from the charging screen have been changed to build the differences between modes with and without building.

Players celebrate the shooter without construction mechanics

In the RedDit Forum, Fortnite will receive (Buy Now) in its current form with enthusiasm . _ "I've never had so much fun with Fortnite [...] I'm too old to build cities in under a millisecond to have an advantage over the others who make exactly the same." _ \ - Write a reddit user.

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The user Xdansolo also wants to return now: _ "I've always admired the events and content for Fortnite, including all the crossovers with some of my favorite IPs. But I hated building. Whenever I have given the game a chance, I am I came across someone who builds a skyscraper as soon as I fire a shot on him. I have to try it. "_

Competitive game modes continue with treasures

There were no changes in the competitive modes of Fortnite. Here - even during events - as usual construction mechanics can be used. Next week, of course, the standard mode will be back as before. A permanent variant without build can not come to many players but probably not early enough.

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