Halo Infinite is a failure, you need Battle Royale mode, says Nickmercs

According to popular Nickmercs Streamer, Halo infinito urgently need a Battle Royale mode. Halo infinity was launched at the end of 2021 after a prolonged delay and, although it was well received by its fleshy and innovative campaign and fun multiplayer mode, it has not been able to follow the rhythm of other shooting games. Games like Call of Duty are launched annually and start working with new content in one or two months, but so far, Halo infinity The support after the launch of has been marginal at best. Although 343 Industries has promised more content, it has not explicitly stopped clear when or how it will fulfill that promise.

One thing that the players have been suggesting before the game came out is that Halo infinite could use a real battle mode. Serpentina Nickmercs turned to Twitter call Halo infinite A "failure" and said that a Battle Royale mode could give him the impulse he needs to remain relevant. Recent filtrations have suggested Halo infinito You can get a Battle Royale mode in the near future, but it is not clear when it could happen. From now on, Halo infinito is struggling to launch content that is usually a basic element of the franchise. The game was sent without cooperative mode or Forge and 343 recently delayed the mode once again, leaving them without a concrete launch window. It is difficult to imagine that a real battle is launched in the short term with these circumstances.

It is difficult to know if the hypothetical Battle Royale mode of 343 would be relevant for the time of its launch. It is possible that people have followed ahead at that point, but if it is really good, it will surely attract some fallen players again. Halo infinito had a strong launch in December, becoming the second best title of the month behind the duty: vanguard, _ but it fell to the eighteenth game more sold from January 2022. The game was completely further among the 20 best-selling video games in February, but it is an Xbox Game Pass degree with a free multiplayer mode, so it is difficult to measure how many players are still interacting with him in Xbox.

Nickmercs Calls Halo Infinite a Flop

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