Legends Pokémon Arceus: It is possible to reach Rank 9 without leaving the first area

Legends Pokémon: Arceus offers players a completely new way of hunting Pokémon. Although the game is not open world, it offers a possibility of much wider movement and action than in previous license games.

In the Pokédex level, important changes are also observed. It is no longer enough to trap Pokémon and evolve them to complete the record. Now you have to approach them in different ways and observe their reactions, now you have to know them really.

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In this new type of Pokédex, it is necessary to complete the research levels of each Pokémon to progress little by little in the different ranges of stars. The game has 10 ranges in total and, of course, it is necessary to explore Hisui along and wide to observe a maximum of different Pokémon and thus upload a range of research. But a player decided that this was not like that.

in Obsidian meadows you will stay

It is a French player who has achieved the feat of reaching the Pokédex research range 9 in the first area of ​​the game ** exclusively. In fact, he did not abandon the meadows of obsidian and calmly completed him there.

One wonders how he managed to raise rank capturing only the pokémons that there is over there.

He achieved it by simply capturing as many Pokémon as possible in that area, 73 in total , including many Shiny, Alfas and other rare specimens. The player, called Kyarmak , also exploited the system of space-time distortions to diversify a little more of him.

Therefore, we may have found the greatest endeavor in Pokémon legends: Arceus, which therefore completed the Obsidian meadows in 68 hours of game . The player, who declared frankly _ "I have fun" _, will have to continue his adventure in Hisui and maybe one day to meet face to face with the great Sinno.


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