How to download and play appex legends in mac

Apex Legends is one of the most famous Battle Royale titles that exist. Although the game is available on multiple platforms, Mac users still suffer when they try to download Apex Legends in their system. Therefore, PCs will always be a more reliable option to play most games. But that does not mean that you cannot play Apex Legends in a Mac. At the end of this guide, he will definitely learn how Download and play Legends in Mac with some touch -ups.

How To Play APEX LEGENDS on MAC! FREE Tutorial!

Download and Play Apex Legends in Mac

Before moving forward, it is essential to meet some requirements to bring Apex Legends to your Mac. First, make sure your system is updated, which includes the latest version of Boot Camp Assistant. In addition, create a Windows 10 starting pendque and make sure there are at least 64 GB of free storage space available in the MAC.

Once you meet these requirements, these are the steps to execute Apex Legends in Mac:

* Change your safe boot configuration

The first step is to change the Safe Start Settings of the MAC to full safety. To do this, keep the command key (⌘) -r immediately after seeing the Apple logo during start. Then, select Utilities> Starting Security Usefulness in the menu bar and change the Safe Safety Start.

launch * Training Field Assistant **

You can start the Boot Camp assistant from the folder utilities in applications. Then, insert the starting pen drive when the system requests it.

* Establish the size of the score

When Boot Camp Assistant asks you to establish the size of the Windows partition, be sure to assign at least 64 GB for a perfect installation.

* Formate the partition and install Windows

After assigning some free space, press the install button inside the Boot Camp assistant and format the entire partition. Once the installation is completed, its MAC will restart in the Windows operating system and follow the screen instructions to continue.

* Download the Steam initiator and log in to account

Steam is one of the most popular video game digital distribution services that also distributes the digital copy of Apex Legends. Simply download and install your configuration from the official website. Then, log in to your Steam account or register to get a new one.

* Install and play Apex Legends from the Steam store

One of the final steps is to download Apex Legends from the Steam store sailing to Steam pitcher >> store >> appex legends >> Play now. After installation, you must log in to your EA account to play to Apex Legends in the Mac.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about Playing Apex Legends in a Mac . To get more tips and guides, be sure to look for Mac.

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