How to find and use the sphere of blue depths in The Chasm in Genshin Impact

If you investigated the underground mines The Chasm, you may have found several spheres of blue depths that look like purple balls and live in your inventory of quest objects. They are counted to fulfill the hidden goal of the study, which will open up the achievement, three chests and a mysterious letter.

where to find the sphere of blue depths in the underground mines of the abyss

There are nine spheres of blue depths around the underground mines The Chasm. They are dumped by Shadowy Husks in places noted in the image above. In some areas, you may encounter more than one Shadowy Husk, but only one of them will fall Orb of the Blue Deth.

Places are relatively easy to find, but you may have problems with these two:

  1. North-west of the special main tunnel -You must open the gate to meet Shadowy Husk.
  1. South of the stone halls -As soon as you find yourself in this area, use Elemental Sight to find a destroyed wall. Use Geo or Physical Damage to break the wall and find three Shadowy Husks.

Secret Room & Orb of the Blue Depths | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】

How to use the sphere of blue depths in underground shafts of the abyss

Nine areas of blue depths can be used to unlock the mechanism in nameless ruins. You may need to go through the Archont quest, chapter II: Act IV-Requiem of the Echo depth to find this area.

Starting with the inverted track point of the teleport, follow the instructions as shown on the image above: slide to the runway in the air, enter the room and take up, then slide to the giant tree and run to the left.

After entering the room and find the mechanism from the other side. It is circled in the image above. Having offered the mechanism, nine spheres of blue depths will open a secret room. Inside you will find an exquisite chest, a precious chest and a luxurious chest. You also unlock the achievement of “Wonders of the World” under the name Tenibra's credit .

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