Top War: Battle Game Codes (May 2022) - Free crystals and chests!

In Top War: Battle Game, you can experience your managerial and strategic strength skills. Players should focus on finding the best ways to manage their resources and units in the game, making reasonable decisions about when and how to use them. This means that the more resources you have for work, the better!

Our list of codes below will help you become one step above the average player, providing you with resources and special awards necessary for passing stages and promotion in the game. Do you need resources such as money and precious stones or even chests to unlock plans and drawings, you will find them in the list of codes below.

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List of all codes Top War: Battle Game

Top War: combat game codes (workers)

Look at all the workers Top War: Battle Game __ codes.

topwar666 * -Marination for free awards (new) Zimvideo * -Exchange for free awards (new) Topvar888 * -Marination for free awards (new)

top War: combat game codes (with an expired validity period)

These Top War: Battle Game codes no longer work.

Mayden2022 * Topvartf2 Kurban-Bayram2021 * Adore you Fireworks * niconicopremiumday * Pumpkin pie Topteply May

Top War Hack - How to Get Free Gems on Top War (2022 TUTORIAL)

How to activate Top War: Battle Game codes

The use of codes for free rewards in Top War: A fighting game is easy.

  1. In the game, click the profile icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Press Settings button in the profile window.
  3. Press Gift code button in the settings window.
  4. In the text field, enter the code exactly as it is indicated in the list above.
  5. Press ‘good’ get your reward!

How to get more codes Top War: Battle Game?

The easiest way to get the last codes is to add this page to bookmarks, as we publish codes as soon as we find out that they are available. Nevertheless, the game developers have a relatively strong presence on social networks, and you can often find codes on their social networks platform before they fall into the rest of the network. If you want to get codes immediately after their loss, visit the official website of the game. The Facebook page was monitored by their official discord channel.

Why are my Top War: Battle Game codes?

The most common cause of invalid codes is that the user introduced them incorrectly. To avoid this, copy the code from our page and insert it into the game activation field, if possible.

In Top War: Battle Game, the redemption process will notify you if the validity of the code has expired. If you enter the code, and it does not specifically indicate that the validity of the code has expired, that is, some other problem. When you send it, twice check the punctuation and capital letters of each letter. Top War codes are sensitive to the register!

What is Top War: Battle Game?

In Top War: Battle Game, your ultimate goal is to create a base on your island, strong enough to destroy any enemy force that will meet on your way. You do this, collecting legendary heroes to lead your teams, receiving resources and experience in battles and improving your strength to their maximum potential. Protect yourself and others from the repressive regime that is trying to overthrow you!

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