Eldinling's Witch Lani comes to stitchu

On the 21st, some of the Elden Ring Collaboration planning goods announced by the Japanese apparel brand Torch Torch were unveiled at San Diego Comiccon eve. I was looking forward to the guidance of It may be an unexpected item that is different from the trend so far, which was posted on Twitter. have.


'Witch Lani' stitchchu is 29cm high, and the formative design of the color is unveiled. The formative formation has been followed by Lani, who meets in the magic lean tower. It is a composition that brought in the game such as candlesticks and books, and it expresses delicately on the hairy clay and wrinkles. In addition, her face was made of translucent materials to highlight the mystery of the character.

The stack chu molding is Oba Masato, a formative company that has produced the Last of Earth Joel and Eli 1/9 scale figures. The gamers praised the witch's stash chu molding and left a reaction to seeing the finished product as soon as possible.

Torch Torch, meanwhile, will continue to unveil the Elden Ring Collaboration Goods in the future, and 'Witch Lani' Stackchu is being produced with the goal of launching next year.


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