Warzone: Players find the most effective strategy to deal with cheats

In recent days, and for our great misfortune, the cheats have taken over more than ever of the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, and more specifically of the new map that appeared in season 4 , Fortune's Keeper.

In fact, a few days ago we announced that, unfortunately, s If some do not hesitate to cheat and therefore hide as cowards, two players have found a way to make them pay for their toxic and cheater behavior.

Two geniuses ridicule Warzone's cheats

Five It was on the social network Reddit that we could see such images. We know very well, but those who cheat and those who use exploits in the game are hell in Warz1. However, despite what we can believe, there is a way to counteract them (no, no thanks to Ricochet, do not dream).

In Reddit, The user with the name of Veggieman_21 published a clip in which we see him and a friend having to deal with players who take advantage of the collision failure in Keep's Fortune. If we could believe that they will kill them, it is not so. The two players go to meet them and Then they launch a grenade to discover their exact location , a fairly ingenious and effective technique.

If you are wondering why the tricks appeared when both players threw the grenades, it is because our two heroes are equipped with the observer advantage , which shows the objectives beaten enough, making them visible through the walls or With little visibility. As a result, once our two geniuses threw grenades, they were beaten and appeared as by magic.

The cheats, something too present in Warzone

As we tell you, in recent days Warzone has faced a huge wave of cheats, and according to some testimonies, this is due to a company that does not hesitate to offer its totally free traps software.

Despite Ricochet's efforts to counteract them, these software always go further and undergo increasingly efficient updates to escape this antitrampas program. Lately, the Activision Anti-Cheats system had found a great solution to enraged cheats: leave them empty against other players. But unfortunately, that was not enough.


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