Cyberpunk Battle Royale created by Director District 9

Neil Blom Camp, famous for District 9 and Chapi, unveiled the first episode of the Cyberpunk Battle Royale off the grid in Game Scom.

Killzila Games unveiled the OTG Cinema episode 1 and 'Switcher' on the 25th at the Future Game Show. OTG CINEMA, which is based on the in-game worldview of cyberpunk shooter-grid, is expected to produce a total of eight episodes. The first episode, Switthcher, is composed of a short composition to get a glimpse of the story.


The characters appearing are wearing an implanted arm and legs, and they have a mechanical atmosphere even though they are human. In addition, the future-oriented appearance, such as shields that emit magnetic fields and future-oriented implant equipment, were drawn in the future, and the old research institutes and costumes of the rainforest were depicted today.

OTG CINEMA, which will be connected with this video, will be discussed in its own direction instead of direct connection with the story in the actual game. The cinematic video, including the first episode, is played by Neil Blom Camp. South African film director Neil Blom Camp was well-received for his first film, District 9. He is not just a cinematic video production, but is also the chief vision officer of the game, and is involved in the game, including cyberpunk and battle royale's finances, art, and worldview composition.

Meanwhile, the game is a combat royal shooter based on cyberpunk elements, but various players play together, but they tie a PVE that emphasizes the narrative. More than 100 players compete for survival, but at the same time, multiple players will be performing a gameplay that is different from the existing Battle Royale game. The developers have referred to this as Battle Royale 2.0.

The story is emphasized, and Richard Morgan is a writer. In addition to the novel, he received the Philip K Dick as a TV series altered carbon on Netflix. In particular, he was in charge of the artist of Game Crysis 2, which was released in 2011.

Meanwhile, in-game items can be traded through blockchain technology, and ownership will also include elements given to players.

Gunzilla Games said that it will continue to share the detailed information of Cyberpunk Battle Royale Oe Grid, which emphasizes narratives through homepages and videos. The game will be released on the next-generation platform, including PCs, PS5, and Xbox Series X | s 2023.


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