Metacraft Web novel platform 'Nobel Pia', 'Masterpiece Adult Contest'

MetaCraft (CEO Yoo Jung-seok) announced on the 5th that it has successfully completed the masterpiece of its web novel platform Nobel Pia.

The contest, which was held on July 1, broke the awareness of adult web novels and proved its expansion in various genres such as fantasy, martial arts and fear, and presented a new direction.

In particular, more than 300 works were exhibited within 30 minutes of the contest, and a total of 1,730 works were registered as of the last day of the 27th.

'Investing with the State Window' of the writer, 'Docturnal', which won the object of honors, is a fantasy management that shows off the handwriting.

In addition, the Nobel Toon Award, which was newly added to this contest, will benefit from the winning work, the opportunity to produce a webtoon in the top-tuning webtoon platform, Toptoon, and the benefits of paying additional copyrights.


In addition, 10 of the artists who participated in the contest were selected as the Nobel Pia Masterpiece Supporters, and the artists' attention was prepared by preparing a surprise event that provides 1 million won of creative support and mentoring of professional PDs.

In the second half of this year, the company plans to discover high-quality creations through the 2nd Space Strong Web Fiction Contest in the second half of this year.

Kim Hee-kyung, general manager of Nobel Pia, said, This contest was an example of the possibility that adult web novels could extend to various genres. I will actively support the artists so that I can.


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