PUBG: Battlegrounds: Update 19.1 on Xbox

PUBG gamers: Battlegrounds on consoles can now download the most recent update for the Battle Royale shooter.

Update 19.1 brings a new tool, a armored automobile, mobile cover, partnership with Assassin's Creed as well as much extra.

Highlights of the upgrade:


Update 19.1 Patch Notes | Assassin's Creed participation: Abstergo Industries entered Place as well as has taken control of among the main structures of the map, totally with a hidden bad blood maker as well as strategically positioned Jump of Belief leaps on the roof covering of the structure. The cooperation additionally has the chance to gain cosmetic benefits with the gameplay, consisting of new outfits, pocket skins, a parachute, an Emotes and also more. And also all on a map that has actually returned for the very first time because period 16.| New weapon-MP9: The MP9 available on the Deston map is the first completely automatic SMG that makes use of the widespread and also sensible 9mm ammo. It is appropriate for players that like tools like the P90, yet choose something more useful with a whole lot of ammunition-albeit with a somewhat reduced efficient range, rate of fire as well as harm than those discussed over. New object-folded shield: The folded up indication that can be found on each card enables gamers possible, which can be easily put on, established and hidden at will. The indicator has a stamina of 1500 hp and must be damaged by challengers prior to the gamer can be struck behind it.| New tactical equipment-Blue-chip detector: ** This functional gadget makes use of the gamer's main tool port and enables him to track down enemies within a radius of 100 meters. Your setting is adjusted to every screen and the detector just plays distinct tones for the customer if he identifies movements from challengers.

In the German Spot Notes you will certainly learn all the details concerning today's update.

New tool: mp9

Make use of the new lobby web page that was included in the modification menu to adjust your lobby with your favored lorry and also tool skins.


In every activity film there is a high-speed follow-up search with loud sirens. With the introduction of the Column Security automobile you can replay these film scenes! So turn on the blue light as well as the loud alarms as well as comply with the getting away challengers! On top of that, you will find high top quality equipment in the trunk of the lorry. When you see a Column safety and security cars and truck, hop in!

PUBG * The activity troubles of robots of water ashore have been enhanced. This allowed their combating abilities to boost and also reduce their ridiculous deaths.

  • Numerous alterations on the poses of the private team participants were executed when they go on prepared.
  • Emotes can now additionally be utilized in these positions.

We know that it can be irritating if you satisfy opponents and also locate no sensible cover. In order to significantly enhance this situation, we would certainly like to introduce you to the folded indicator.

Robot .

  • HP: 900.
  • Maximum rate: 130 km/h (135 km/h with Boost).
  • Petroleum storage tank: 1,000.
  • Capacity: 4 players.
  • Outfitted with an operating blue light (radio trick) and also a siren (horn button), which the player can switch over on/off.
  • Available in the following modes.
  • Exclusive World Spawn in Deston.
  • Normal suits, custom-made suits, sandbox setting (COMPUTER).
  • Not available in custom-made match-e-sports setting.

  • You can currently play up to 360 mins per session.

  • A feature to regulate the blue area was included.

  • The parachute vehicle as well as the medals are permanent incentives.

  • The staying benefits that can be made are just readily available for the period of a solitary ranking season.
  • You can discover the incentives in your inventory at the beginning of period 19.
  • As quickly as period 19 mores than and the web server upkeep begins, all incentives are eliminated from your inventory apart from the parachute skin.


(COMPUTER) Sandbox setting .

tutorial .

rewards for season 18 .

  • Sight the group emote.
  • You can currently enjoy gamers from various other teams using a group emotion.
  • Sight the team emote is a feature that only puts on group dramatizes that are played definitely. This allows you to indirectly participate in the Emotes of gamers from other groups. When viewing you can hear the emote music and also make basic movements.
  • To enjoy other team players, take a look at a gamer from one more group and press the communication key.
  • Approximately 10 players can see a player's emote.
  • Use Dramatizes with your Team coworkers.
  • Team emotes can now be executed in custom-made matches with up to 10 gamers (previously 4). Team emotes with a waiting time as well as the same beginning as well as end factors in between gamers are not readily available.

New function: folded up indicator .

  • Heaven chip detector inhabits the main weapons area.
  • No ping markings can be established while considering the screen of heaven chip detector (ADS).
  • Trick.

The P90 is a fully automated MP that gamers favor in various scenarios. Thus far, nevertheless, it was only available in storage boxes and was sometimes thought about somewhat not practical due to the fact that it needs 5.7 mm ammo. The MP9, on the other hand, generates on the map and counts on the popular 9 mm ammo. Although it has a somewhat less efficient range, fire rate and harm than the P90, it is still a superb option for players whom the playing design with the P90 suches as.


bug solutions .

New ranking period, brand-new obstacle. Could you show your abilities and also stay on top?

  • Obtain an excellent detector as well as press the equivalent switch to call up the display.
  • The screen is upgraded every 5 seconds, no matter whether you look at the screen or otherwise.
  • Heaven chip detector beeps as quickly as the display is updated.
  • Just the user can listen to the audio.
  • With each screenualization, a span of 100 m is checked around the individual by opponents as well as approximately 12 of the next opponents are shown as factors.
  • The leading detector makes a different beeping sound if at the very least one brand-new opponent was found after a screen tapping.
  • Just the user can listen to the audio.
  • The challengers are displayed on the display for 1 second.
  • If a challenger is significantly above or listed below your position, a V symbol will be shown in addition to the opponent factor to provide the elevation difference.
  • Discovered challengers are not presented on the screen in genuine time.
  • The points stay in the same setting, also if the challenger moves.

Sanhok: Equilibrium when spawning things .

  • New layouts have been included to the upper bodies that are available in the store. You can watch the new production skins in the review of the workshop.

  • Balance updates.

  • The automobile as well as item spawns in the AI training suit were enhanced (except tactical equipment).
  • It is now simple to locate for new PUBG: Battlegrounds vehicles, players and also things.
  • The damages to heaven zone from the 5th phase was minimized.
  • Vehicle area marking.
  • A marking on the map and mini card was contributed to facilitate brand-new PUBG: Battlefields gamers to find lorries.
  • Instructions.
  • New PUBG: Battlegrounds gamer currently get guidelines when beginning a AI training match.
  • We really hope that we can improve the survival rate as well as basic understanding of the game.

New tactical tools: Blauer-chip detector .

Place: Assassin's Creed collaboration .

survival champion .

There is no more any type of reason to stress your neck muscles while you take a look at challengers! With the Blauer-Chip detector you can immediately search the location any time.

Fundamental training .

Dramatize .

  • Fire modes: single shot and irreversible fire
  • Can just use the red dot visor and holographic visor
  • Ammunition: 9 mm
  • Damage per sphere: 31
  • Round rate: 400
  • Effective variety: 100 m.
  • High capturing: 1,000 shots/min.
  • Criterion attachments.
  • Integrated laser pointer (not detachable).
  • Integrated silencer (not removable).
  • 30 rounds in the common publication.
  • Available in the complying with settings.
  • Exclusive World Spawn in Deston.
  • Typical matches, personalized suits, sandbox setting (COMPUTER).
  • Not readily available in personalized match-e-sports setting.

  • The spawn rate of triple target commission was increased by approx. * Lv. * Lv. * Lv. * Sight the group emote is a feature that just uses to team dramatizes that are played considerably.

  • The item-spawn prices and also numbers were changed to boost the robbery on Sanhok.

  • The spawn rate of essays such as shafts and front takes care of was enhanced due to the fact that they were extremely uncommon on Sanhok.
  • Preferred items and also particular dmrs now occur a lot more commonly (yet not also commonly).
  • The overall variety of generated items was enhanced by 10 %.
  • In order to reduce aggravating deaths in preferred areas such as Bootcamp, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie, Quarry, etc, the variety of generated items within these areas was boosted by 30 % (only in these armed forces locations).
  • Defense.
  • AR: The Spawn rate of the M16A4 was lowered by concerning 80 % and also the various other ARS was enhanced a little.
  • DMR: The spawn rate of the SLR was enhanced by approx. 500 %, that of the SKS by approx. 250 % as well as that of the MK12 as well as QBU by approx. 150 %.
  • SR: The Spawn rate of the M24 was boosted by about 250 %.
  • LMG: The Spawn rate of the M249 was enhanced by concerning 375 %.
  • Handfire weapons: The Spawn rate of the M79 has actually been raised by regarding 180 %, other pistols spawn less commonly.
  • Melee weapons: The spawn rate of the frying pan has been boosted by regarding 240 %, various other melee tools are much less spawn.
  • Essays.
  • The spawn rate of the front take care of was boosted by regarding 160 %.
  • The spawn rate of AR shafts was increased by concerning 425 % which of cheek pads by approx. 145 %.
  • The spawn rate of arm busts, crossbow ammunition as well as crossbow sets was minimized by concerning 50 %.
  • The spawn rate of MP magazines and muzzle add-ons was reduced by approx. 70 %, the spawn rate of AR and DMR publications as well as necessary attachments raised.
  • The spawn rate of three-way target reimbursement was increased by approx. 200 % and that of 4-fold target remote pipelines by approx. 150 %.
  • Gear.
  • Lv. 85 %, LV.
  • Lv. 70 %, LV. 150 %, LV.
  • Lv. 1 safety helmet lowered by approx. 90 %, LV. 2 safety helmets boosted by approx. 170 %.
  • Intake things.
  • The spawn rate of adrenaline, energy beverages and also drugs was raised by regarding 130 %,.
  • that of the clinical equipment by approx. 170 %.

Defense Championship .

  • Readjust on the page-lobby, you can...
  • Change your entrance hall background.
  • Have tools and also vehicle skins presented in your ownership by choosing your faves.
  • Have up to 6 weapons and also 1 lorry displayed.
  • Gun attachments are not included.
  • Your team members see the leader's adapted lobby.
  • You might not adjust your entrance hall while you remain in a group.
  • The lobbies for normal suits and also ranking lists were incorporated right into a lobby to continue to be consistent when adapting.
  • The Adjust-lobby feature is only readily available individuals with plus status . Use your account to plus as well as unlock much more such functions!|※**PLUS-Status_: An account that can be upgraded from the common make up $ 12.99 in order to open features such as rank list matches, production of user-defined matches, gain even more survival champion XP and a lot more.
  • Plus individuals instantly receive a new item for the survival base with which the entrance hall change is activated. You will certainly find out about a notification if you have actually gotten the object.
  • Certain weapons/vehicle skins might not be displayed because of their dimension.

rating mode .

  • The main villain from Assassin's Creed, Abstergo Industries, has infiltrated Sanctuary.
  • Take an appearance at the short-term system on the map and the collaborative skins in the store.
  • You can locate even more information concerning our partnership below .

With the brand-new update, you can use Emotes to interact with players outside of your team. Exactly how about a new relationship?

  • Troubles with accidents, textures, efficiency and general issues were resolved in Sanhok.

  • The MP9 has been included in a brand-new tool category.

  • The card name and also the picture of Deston were included to Rich Presence (game status) in Steam, Dissonance and Xbox profiles.

  • Available in the adhering to settings.

  • Exclusive World Spawn in Deston.
  • Typical suits, personalized matches, sandbox setting (COMPUTER).
  • Not readily available in customized match-e-sports mode.


entrance hall .

  • Weight: 40.
  • HP: 1,500.
  • Easier to damage with explosives.
  • The look adjustments relying on the toughness worth.
  • There are three different stages.
  • 70 % or over it.
  • 30 % or over it.
  • Below 30 %.
  • Inventory and usage.
  • Can be kept in the player event.
  • Can be made use of straight from the inventory.
  • Setup.
  • Can not be set up on the water surface.
  • Can not be folded up back after setup.
  • The setup can be terminated.
  • As quickly as the indicator has actually been installed, it is eliminated from the stock, no matter whether the item has been effectively set up or not.
  • Available in the complying with settings.
  • Welt-Spawn on every card.
  • Regular matches, personalized matches, sandbox mode (COMPUTER).
  • Not readily available in custom match-e-sports mode.

New system: lobby adjustment .

Listed below you can see the rewards that you received based upon your last team of the previous ranking season.

  • The MP9 is in the tab.
  • Career-weapons.
  • Career-overview tab-Last tools eliminate.
  • Match gradient-match report-weapon tab.
  • (Just PC) last match alert.

  • The localization has been improved to facilitate fundamental training for players who are new to PUBG Battlegrounds.

Fire setting setups .

Video game high quality .

As part of the introduction of the new MP9, you can now also take a look at the new weapon in the tool championship.

  • With the brand-new Column car, the automobile can now likewise show up as the root cause of eliminates as well as DBNO in the recap tab of the match report.

New lorry: Column safety vehicle .

  • A fire setting option for the O12 was added.
  • The picked fire setting is triggered as quickly as the O12 is canceled.

ranking-season 19 .

Ki-training match .


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