Tower of Fantasy: What should you do to get gold quickly

tower of fantasy is an MMORPG that has a very similar resemblance to real life: money is the most important thing, what counts. You need gold to buy and progress faster: improve your weapons, buy items in merchants, etc. The question is: how to get gold quickly?

Tower We are going to take off the comment on duty: the fastest way to get gold in tower of fantasy is to pay real money... and more if you already have the linked payment method. That said, I tell you what you can do inside the game to get gold quickly.

* Spacetime domains : Daily task EVE accessible through the adventure diary. You can win up to 8000 gold to complete it, more if you increase the difficulty. According to fans and numbers, it is the best way to get fast gold on tower of fantasy.

It is important to note that this activity is unlocked at Level 29 , costs 30 vitality for participation, and it is a dungeon full of enemies with several rooms.

Weekly activities *: Access the weekly section through the adventure diary. Follow the tasks and objectives to be completed to obtain gold. They are expensive activities, but that contribute large amounts of gold. Try to prioritize what you can do faster. Daily contracts : Access the daily contracts section to carry out rapid activities that are renewed day by day (5: 00h). You can accept a maximum of 4 a day (choose wisely) that grant 1,000 gold as a rule. Once chosen, follow the points on the map. Battle pass : Gold is one of the most frequent prizes of the pass. Claim the pass prizes according to levels in the You will get menu. * The store : If you want speed and have a full wallet, buy gold. For every 100 dark crystals you get 10,000 gold.

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