Borderlands 3-How to get the half rocket launcher

Everybody likes Easter eggs, and also most players seem to be extremely warm of half life. Thus, a half-life Easter egg inborderlands 3must be songs in your ears. If you intend to have a good time and also pay tribute to a particular Mr. Freeman, then this guide will describe just how.

Borderlands 3-How to obtain the Easter egg half-life launcher

Everybody likes Easter eggs, and many gamers seem to be really fond of half life. A half-life Easter egg inborderlands 3should be songs in your ears. As soon as he died, you might be fortunate as well as see that the Easter Life Legendary falls from his remains.

It will make the bomb as well as you will certainly entrust to discover the doors of the jail high protection section. Fight on the bridge as well as place the bomb, you are after that cost-free to go into the jail.


When on Eden-6, your objective will be to release Hammerlock from the prison. You will have to make your means with Block, after that meet Tina (previously Tiny Tina) who desires you to recoup a couple of pieces for a bomb. Fray your course per path and also collect the bomb items, after that go back to Tina with them.

This is where you will certainly meet the prefect. This guy has a load of shield, so make certain to bring a good weapon to remove her. Once you do it, it will certainly change shape to come to be a principal extra focused on melee, yet you can quickly overlook his wellness bar. In the first step, focus on the huge enjoys of rockets that he draws, and in the 2nd, do not let him strike you. You may be lucky and see that the Easter Life Legendary falls from his corpse when he passed away.

You simply have to lead the battle till you ultimately obtain it if this is not the situation. It is a funny rocket launcher, due to the fact that the projectiles will most likely to the arrow, and also the strike will additionally be rather strong.