LOL - Worlds 2022: Aatox becomes the King of the Competitive after a dream World Cups

T1 After the most exciting finals we have been able to live in some Worlds of League of Legends where Dr has won T1 in the fifth game, finally we can confirm the total dominance of a champion throughout the tournament , or at least in the Main Event: Matrix , the sword of the dark, has been the most important champion of the tournament with enough difference, with 100% presence in the main event and 96% in the play-In.

These data are quite interesting, since he is the only character that has been so important in two different international tournaments. There are several champions that have been dominant in a World Cup, but none of them has achieved what Actor has done so far. Is it the most important champion of the Legends Competitive Legends from your renown?

A very important champion in the competitive circuit

If we see the champion numbers throughout the tournament, we see a 55% of victories in the 22 games that we have been able to witness. More bans has received throughout the main event, only surpassed by Caitlyn and the monstrous but adorable Yuri . It should be noted that the latter, the 8 times that has been chosen in this second phase, has not lost a single game.

It is not the first time that Matrix is the most present champion in some World League of Legends ; In 2018 we already saw it in 99% of the Main Event games, and curiously with the same win rate as this year, 55%. Thus, the champion enters the favorite group of the characters that have had 100% presence in this international event:

Worlds 2015- Gangplank

Worlds 2016- Middle Worlds 2017- Batista Worlds 2019- Pantheon Worlds 2022- Matrix (Main Event)