The DLC HO HO HOLIDAY has been announced for 10 years in the fireplace incineration sim! Scheduled to be distributed on November 19 with Steam/EGS

TOMORROW CORPORATION announced that the DLC Little Inferno: HO HO HOLIDAY of the fireplace incineration simulator Little Inferno: HO HOLIDAY will be distributed on the Steam/Epic Games Store on November 19. Did.

This work is a simulator game for Nintendo Switch/Wii U/PC/iOS/Android that allows various items such as items you ordered in the catalog and letters from a mysterious girl. If you combine a specific thing and burn it, it will become a combo and burn more things. It was released in 2012 as a Wii U-Lone title for overseas, and was released in 2015 for domestic Wii U.

In this DLC, 20 kinds of toys are added to the catalog. More than 50 combos are added to the new burning ones. With the appearance of a mysterious person, a new story of Christmas will be developed.


The DLC Little Inferno: HO HOLIDAY for 10 years will be distributed on November 19 at Steam/Epic Games Store for PCs. It will also be distributed to Nintendo Switch/Pc ( for/iOS/android. At the time of writing this article, distribution by Wii U is not planned.