Worlds 2022: Aatrox becomes the King of the competitive after a LOL of Dream World Cup

After one of the most exciting finals we could experience in a League of Legends World Cup, in which DRX won T1 in the fifth game, we can finally confirm the total domain of a champion throughout the tournament : matrix , the Darwin Sword, has been the most important character in the tournament from afar, with 100% presence in the main stage and 96% in the entrance phase.

This data is quite interesting, as he is the only champion who was so important in two different international tournaments. There are several characters that have been dominant in a world, but none of them have achieved what Matrix has done so far. He is the most important champion of the competitive lol since his Rework?

A very important champion in the competitive circuit

If we look at the champion's numbers throughout the tournament we see 55% victory rate in the 22 games we could follow. Sanity throughout the main phase, being surpassed only by Caitlyn and the monstrous but lovely Yuri . It is worth reinforcing that the latter, of the eight times it was chosen did not lose a single match.

This is not the first time that Matrix has been the most presence champion in a League of Legend World Championship ; In 2018 we have seen it in 99% of the games of the main stage , and curiously at the same rate of victory this year, 55%. Thus, the champion enters the group of characters that had 100% presence in this international event:

World Cup 2015- Gangplank World Cup 2016- NID ALE World Cup 2017- Batista World 2019- Pantheon World 2022- matrix (main event)

T1 It remains to be seen how the champion will continue from now on. After all, the Worlds 2022 was thrown into a patch in which Matrix had not received the latest nerfs, which decidedly lost it popularity in the ranked ones. We also know that what is played on ranked not necessarily reflects on the competitive, but it is a fact that it has been weakened. In addition, it is also important to remember that the Darwin sword has already undergone several adjustments and changes since its Rework-e has remained a relevant choice for professionals in different goals.