3 Simple Steps To Get A Free Dr. Babbles Plushie In Sonic Prime Simulator

The latest SEGA show on Netflix, Sonic Prime, officially made his debut in the Roblox metavselnaya using Sonic Speed Simulator from GAFAM.


The Roblox platform is not a beginner, the Netflix launch party includes mini-games on the topic of events, crossovers and even several free items. This event dedicated to launch, together with the items that can be obtained, will be available only on Saturday, December 10, 2022, Friday, December 16, 2022. So be sure to follow our manuals earlier than later!

How to unlock the plush doctor of Babble in a simulator of fighting with weapons

To unlock the plush doctor Babble, players must earn 30 sound rings inside the simulator of the fight against weapons. These rings can be earned in four ways: defeat Dr. Eggman’s boss, catch NPC Tails, defeat enemy NPCs and pass the test for a while. To earn rings as quickly as possible, we recommend that you follow Tails! After you appeared in the simulator of fighting with weapons, explore the card until you find the NPC Types, depicted below. As soon as you find it, run after him! You will need to pursue and catch it four or five times before he finally stops running. When he stops, you can take from him from 10 to 20 rings. Repeat this process until you earn 30 rings-that's all! As soon as you collect 30 rings, open the event menu by clicking on the sound event of the button in the upper part of the screen. In the open menu, click on a ticket to the event and then look for blue demand a button that is located under Sonic Prime badge.

By clicking on this button, you will receive a plush doctor Babble and an icon! Looking for more Roblox content, including free items? Check out our recent guides on how to get a free Dr. BONE-TIRED and GOGGLES in Starting Artists-Roblox or how to get a free Popcorn Chao Plushie Avatar in Funky Friday-Roblox here in Pro Game Guides!