Christmas 2022: The Best Accessories For The Gamer In Your Life

It's almost Christmas 2022, and you're in search of the perfect gift for the gamer in your life. But what should you get? Don't worry - we've got you covered! In this article, we will be exploring the best accessories for gamers in 2021 that are sure to put a smile on their face come Christmas Day. From controllers to headsets, these gifts will make any gaming enthusiast feel special. Read on to find out more!

A lunar Xbox controller

For several years, Xbox has been using alternative colors for its main wireless controllers. Among the newest models launched, this unique Lunar Shift edition has its little impact, with an excellent gradient and a sparkling silver-gold result. Simplified for more comfort thanks to the textured surface area on the joystick straps. For the most demanding players, Xbox likewise uses an Elite controller at 149 euros. It is costly, obviously, but it provides a lot of adjustable settings that can assist you make the difference. Lunar Shift, Xbox, EUR 64.99

Virtual or genuine pleasure?

The VR Meta Quest 2 helmet, released at completion of 2020, has actually shown itself. With a resolution of 1832x1920 pixels by performance, convenience and eye are there. At ease for the video game, he provides multiple experiences, in very different styles, such as Among Us, Marvel's Iron Guy or The Climb up 2. The little extra: up until the end of the month, the Resident Evil 4 Games And Beat Saber are offered for the purchase of the helmet. VR Quest 2 helmet, Meta, from EUR 449.99

In small touches

Lots of PC gamers like keyboards that make the show. For them, the brand-new Rocket Vulcan II Max will be an exceptional option. From a premium style, it combines speed, solidity and performance. With its brand-new transparent wrist rest, the light results are very excellent. Vulcan II Max keyboard, ROC CAT, EUR 229.99

Ready for the battle

To end up being a beast of fight video games, the Died Arcade Stick is a great war machine. Developed in partnership with the professional player Marie-Laure Wayne Dorinda, the design does not cut corners on quality. The toughness, the positioning of the buttons and the hands for the hands have actually been the topic of a unique care. It holds true that the cost (EUR 279.90 for the PS5 design) and the weight (3.5 kg) are strong, too.

The possibilities of personalization make it a must for all combat lovers.


Died Game Stick, Bacon, EUR 279.90


Never ever unpleasant surprises with the headset support and Turtle Beach Fuel charging station. It enables you to continually charge two Xbox cordless controllers (ONE or Series) and it likewise provides a practical area to keep the helmet, when you never understand where to put it usually. Two rechargeable caps are supplied, which provide more than 22 hours of food, hence freeing you from the restriction of the batteries. Double Charge charging station, Turtle Beach, EUR 34.99

Total immersion

If Sony parade proudly with its PlayStation 5 with players, the Japanese brand name is releasing this year in France its Intone variety completely committed to gaming, with in particular an outstanding screen, the Intone M9. A high-end model that takes advantage of Sony's know-how in regard to TV. The manufacturer here pays all its attention to the information of the image by enhancing in particular contrasts and focusing on a cooling rate of 144 Hz, all in 4K for a stunning surface of 27 inches. Note: the brand name comes out at the very same time another model, the M3, more available. Merely Complete HD (1080p), it is nevertheless geared up with a 244 Hz beverage rate, extremely quick, and for that reason perfect for action video games. Intone M9 video gaming screen, Sony, EUR 1.099

Modern retrogaming

Launched on December 15, the EXPEL EXP is the Christmas console for retrogrades. The British business Blaze Home entertainment goes upmarket here by providing nothing less than a maker created to make use of game video games and consoles from the 1980s and 1990s. The console, which shows a lovely 4.3-inch IPS HD screen, is offered with 18 video games signed Cap com (Street Fighter II, Megaman 2...) consisted of in the console, however also a cartridge of 6 games from the editor Japanese IREM (including R-Type and in the Hunt). The maker can also accommodate the whole collection of Overcame cartridges which currently compile more than a hundred games. An exceptional product for an appealing cost. OVERCAME EXP, Blaze Entertainment/Just for Games, EUR 149.99 If the Game Boy was informed to me, ## Mythical given that its release in 1989 in Japan, the Game Kid of Nintendo inhabits a special location in the hearts of the gamers. This highly illustrated book uses to review the rich history of the pocket console by permitting us to find the cult coats of 350 games. To acquire this extremely lovely result, among the most prominent collectors in the world have been called, and the result is mainly up to par. The Game Boy in 350 video games, ed. Third, EUR 39.90 Find all our Christmas selections here