Does Daisy Ridley go back to the Star Wars Universe? Instagram

Numerous have not necessarily kept in mind the last 3-Star Wars films favorably. It is at least questionable how big the interest for a return from Daisy Ridley and Co. would be to the Star Wars Universe. The speculation about the starlet is currently permitted to take up a bit of speed once again. However, it is not based on a teaser on the part of Disney or a declaration in an interview, however on a reasonably regular social media post. After all, Ridley just recently came by Lucasfilm for lunch and interacted this to the world through Instagram. She stated in another post that no special huge things occurred throughout this see. However, this did not stop and stops fans from hypothesizing about the future of the actress in the Star Wars cosmos

Rey's future in the Star Wars cosmos.

The Gazette page tosses the concern into the room whether Ridley has simply tried to end speculation. The time will just show whether and how there is really more behind this visit to Lucasfilm.

In the past, nevertheless, Kathleen Kennedy hints that must be developed on deep space according to Episode 9. At the end of 2021 she mentioned that there would be conversations of the characters from the Skywalker saga in innovative groups. At the same time, Kennedy's role is presently being built on sand rather than on a solid foundation if you may think reports from November.

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Fans of the far away galaxy is currently in no method lacking numerous films, series and games around the Star Wars brand name.


On Disney Plus, Star Wars: Ardor recently ended another series. But there is already concrete details for the 2nd Ardor relay. Sources: Gazette To home page Share comments 0 in Twitter Share Article