Henry Cavill And Gal Gadot To Appear In The Flh No Longer

The DC cinematographic universe is immersed in a period of deep changes. James Gun and Peter Saran, those responsible for drawing the long-term plan for the company's superheroes, have begun to make decisions. After it w confirmed that Henry Cavill will not repeat Superman despite the announcement of his return in October, The Hollywood Reporter h revealed that the actor will not appear in The Flh either.

Nor will Gal Gadot, the protagonist of Wonder Woman. Not surprisingly, the third installment h been canceled. Henry Cavill had already leaked his cameo for The Flh, one of the old canon films that w still pending premiere. However, according to sources consulted by this publication, the footage will not finally appear in the film, so the goodbye of the Superman of Cavils will be even more definitive.

The man of steel 2 and Wonder Woman 3, canceled

It is not a bird, it is not a plane, it is Superman, but not in the man of steel 2. Before Gun and Saran signed by DC to build the new universe, the team w exploring the possibility of filming a sequel with Henry Cavill. That plan no longer fits within the strategy profiled by the two new leaders. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio wanted Steven Knight, Peaky Blinders creator, to write the script of the film. The agreement between Henry Cavill and the study w verbal, which means that it had not yet signed for any specific project.


In the ce of Wonder Woman 3, Patty Jenkins made public that w no longer part of the project. When the reactions for the cancellation of Wonder Woman 3 began to occur, a false clickbait history began to spread that I had charged or renounced it. This is not true, I never left, he explained in a statement. The Flh will premiere on June 16, 2023.