Peak Legends Drip Mean a New Weapon

Contributing to those assumptions is the truth that this weapon is no longer seen over on the business's ArtStation page. It's been gotten rid of from there entirely, so whatever it was, it apparently wasn't supposed to be there.

The artwork for this unseen Apex Legends weapon was found by Twitter user Pantheon_(by means of Galindo) after it was shared on ArtStation. While the gun's clearly not end up, its style does not appear like anything else that remains in Peak presently, so it stood apart as something people presume is a weapon that's not in the game.

As some have actually mentioned, this weapon plainly has more detail going into it than other base weapons do, so it's reasonable to presume that this is a skin for a weapon. The design of the weapon itself doesn't look like anything in Apex right now with people pointing out the distinct bull pup design of this gun. The closest it becomes like anything in Peak is a mix between a Volt and a C.A.R., and based upon its size, it does look like it'd likely be an SMG.

So, what's this brand-new weapon, and is it ever pertaining to Pinnacle? If that ever is to occur, we don't understand presently and probably won't till Respawn exposes it. Referrals to maps, weapons, and even entire Legends are identified within the game's files or by means of leaks from time to time, though not all of that things really makes its method into Peak. Still, don't be amazed if we see this weapon and its detailed skin launched eventually in a future Pinnacle season.


A new Pinnacle Legends weapon-- or an unreleased one, anyhow-- might have been identified this week after some artwork for a formerly hidden weapon design increased online. The artwork in question came from a company called ASIA which supplies AAA video game art services and shared some artwork on ArtStation depicting several styles from Pinnacle Legends. Whether this is a to-be-released weapon or one that's been ditched, however, is unknown.