PlayStation 5: insider news

The PlayStation 5 is the next major video game console set to release by Sony. There has been speculation about what features the PlayStation 5 will have, including suggestions that it'll be backwards compatible with games released on previous consoles and that it'll offer VR support. Find out more about what we know so far in this article!

The PlayStation 5 will most likely be available in a number of versions, like the predecessor. This suggests that theoretically, both a pro-as and a slim variation should appear. The supposed SLIM version must already be for tests with designers.

New PlayStation 5: Slim version could now remain in flow

In the meantime, from Sony's youngest console, an A, c and b real estate are in blood circulation. These models have currently experienced small changes. As early as September, industry expert Tom Henderson came up with the info that there was also a D-housing in production. It should have a removable drive and end up being much slimmer and lighter than the most recent models-references to the SLIM version. According to a brand-new tweet from Henderson, who has actually currently dripped things in the past that later ended up being true, there are brand-new details. Two of his sources claim that they currently have a corresponding package which it works completely. We need to soon be officially discovered it, states Henderson. If you desire to think earlier rumors, a release might still take some time.

According to the website The Leakage, the brand-new PlayStation 5 must just be launched in the third quarter of 2023-however, none of this is officially verified (source: The Leak). Are you tiring? We reveal you video games that you must certainly take a look at: 7 need to plays in December 2022 sign up for us on YouTube

PS5 as a Christmas present practically difficult

Not much has taken place on the schedule of PlayStation 5-more on the contrary. Getting the console as a Christmas present is practically impossible. At this moment, the consoles are practically solely offered as a package and here too, too, just the God of War Ragnarök variation is provided for around 619 euros. Both at Amazon (at Amazon) and Media Market, Saturn and Otto, the Packages are just offered once again from the end of January. A coupon is presently the only option. PlayStation ® 5 Console-God of War ™ Ragnarök Package (Coupon). EUR 619.00 for Amazon. EUR 619.00 for MediaMarkt. EUR 619.99 for Otto. The rate might be greater now. Rate from 14.12.2022 11:14 a.m. By the way, at a rate of 549.99 euros for the console (with drive) + God of War Ragnarök at a normal rate (at Amazon), the bundle is not more expensive.


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