The MMORPG CINDERSTONE Online expands its beta and releases its chapters 2 and 3


The current brings its share of brand-new features and opens in specific chapters 2 and 3 of the MMORPG, in order to prosecute and complete the narrative frame of the video game luniverse-Chapter 2 sin scripts in the continuity of the first and chapter 3 inaugurates a brand-new arc story and incorporates an unprecedented dungeon. Gamers will also be able to discover the brand-new Helicon areas and murmuring marshes, with brand-new missions, beasts to deal with and pieces to gather. The upgrade likewise includes brand-new classes playable by characters (infantries, the knight, acolyte, the sorcerer, lather and the burglar). For the curious, Cinder stone Online is revealed on the official site, where Lon can also get a pack in order to trick the beta.

Regardless of a naive and vibrant visual bias (the independent Italian designer Code vision describes it as charming), Cinder stone Online claims all the features of a genuine MMORPG: a vast universe to explore with its quests and its beasts or even dungeons, however also A culture and trade system (including merchant caravans) and the possibility for gamers of gamers to conquer cities and fortresses.


Cinder stone Online is presently lob jet of a closed beta (right away accessible via Lac hat from founding pack and punctually sprinkled with brief open beta sessions), and regularly feels updates-in principle every month, sometimes to enhance the stability of the servers, Sometimes to expand the material of the MMORPG with narrative content occurring on a brand-new card.

Cinder stone Online presentation trailer