Sony Announces New Protagonist for Horizon: Call of the Mountain - Meet Rimet, The Hero Of The Story

Next month will be of great importance for PlayStation users, and that is due to the arrival of PSVR2, a device that will arrive next to games that seem promising in terms of mechanics. One of the most anticipated is Horizon: Call of the Mountain, a project that will apparently leave aside the Ally heroine, to give way to a new protagonist.


According to what Sony itself establishes, a man named Ryan will be in charge of starring in the adventure, a trip that will lead him to make his redemption to cross out the bad actions of the past. The character belongs to the Carla Sunday, a privileged family of the clans that was for a long time to make life impossible for others. After allowing the Areas to capture it and imprisoned him, Ryan was saved from his execution.

Now, he has been recruited by Sun-King Avid and Blameless Mara. A master climber, goalkeeper and hunter, must gain his freedom in exchange for investigating a new threat. This will lead him to open his eyes and join the side that does the right things. Remember that Horizon: Call of the Mountain leaves February 22 next to the PSVR2. Both with exclusive connection with PS5. Via: Gets Editor's note: It will be an interesting experiment to address this game, but very few will have the privilege of trying it in the first. And it is not a joke, the PSVR is worth more than the console itself.