3Crema Unveils Exciting Details on What's to Come in Temtem's 1.3 Update

It has been almost 6 months given that Tested fully released, as well as Cream has been working hard at developing brand-new experiences for gamers. Gamers that are up for a difficulty will certainly locate three brand-new video game settings, each with their own special set of rules as well as limitations. In addition to these brand-new functions, spot 1.3 will certainly additionally include a brand-new season called Clash of Tamers, along with a brand-new Tamer Pass complete of brand-new aesthetic products, mounts, and also emotes.

Spot 1.3 will likewise present a brand-new area called NATO Labs, where tamers can trade their Lucas for Lima Decline, a brand-new currency that can be utilized in a brand-new store. The Lima decrease shop will certainly allow tamers to purchase formerly purchasable items, like unique Dyes and Temary.


It has been virtually 6 months given that Tested totally launched, as well as Cream has been working hard at producing new experiences for gamers. If you've been wanting a little more difficulty in your beast fights, you may discover that the most remarkable addition in patch 1.3 is the Obstacle Setting. Players who are up for a challenge will discover 3 new game modes, each with their own special set of constraints as well as policies. These settings will certainly operate on different servers and also make use of different save slots, so players do not have to fret about shedding their Testers in settings the cost-free them when they are defeated.

The very first of these modes is the Locke setting, which will certainly enforce some challenging policies on tamers. In this setting, gamers can only capture the very first 2 Tested they run into on each route, and any type of Teams that pass out throughout their experience will certainly be launched. The second setting, Randomlocke, adds an element of randomness to the Locke rules, where practically whatever that can be arbitrary will be random. The third setting is a Speed run, where the objective is to finish the game as quick as possible. Completing any one of these settings will certainly award gamers with special rewards for their main save slot.

If you're among the numerous Tested gamers that has actually been excitedly preparing for the next spot upgrade, you're fortunate as Cream has actually lastly launched some exciting information concerning what's ahead in spot 1.3. This brand-new update will include a number of new video game modes, a brand-new area, a new currency, and a lot more.

In enhancement to these brand-new features, patch 1.3 will also consist of a new period called Clash of Tamers, in addition to a brand-new Tamer Pass filled with new aesthetic items, mounts, and dramatizes. Cream has likewise stabilized the rate of some products, tweaked the benefits in some Tamer's Heaven activities, and also dealt with plenty of pests. With Patch 1.3 set to launch on March 6th, followers have a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks. If you have not had the possibility to play Tested yet, or you're still on the fence about trying this MMO monster battler, have a look at our extensive review.